Halifax 41 Club – 70th Charter & 2018 White Rose Dinner

Big Day for Halifax 41Club; Hosting 2018 White Rose Dinner, 19th October 2018

Its also their 70th Birthday!! Celebrate Their Charter.

Contact:- calder.cabins@btclick.com  Keith Wilkinson.

Elves wanted!

Round Table are looking for collectors to help again on this year’s charity santa sleigh pull. Please could 41 Club members check the link below and add their names as elves to any evenings with which they can assist. Given Round Table’s support for our charity evenings, it would be good to try and help them out in return.




Fifty % off a Hyundai anyone?

Indian Banquet Evening October Meeting or (an evening with the other Ian Burnett)

On Thursday 12th October the October 41 Club meeting was the ever-popular Indian meal outing at the Eastern Paradise, for those that were thirsty a few pints at the Scarborough Flyer on St Nicholas Street started the evening off well.

The meal itself was excellent as ever including unusual fish curry although the speed of service could have been a bit more upbeat.

We began with the usual Poppadums with pickles, the hotter the better for me, my taste buds must be getting old and de-sensitized !

Starter Chicken Tikka and Shish Kabab starter.

Mains Butter Chicken, Shisha Kabab Lamb, Tandoori Fish, Prawn Curry and more rice than you could eat.

The other Ian Burnett, not our own welly wearer but Regional 41 Club Rep joined us for the meal and gave a short address over the benefits that 41 members can obtain such as 20% of Hyundai Cars, 10% of Fred Olson cruises and lots of other odds and sods.

All in all, a great evening enjoyed by those who turned out.

Piggy Fun Time from Mark

I was reading a book on pig anatomy the other day.
It was all pretty standard until I got to the end.
Then there was a twist in the tale.
Did you hear about the pig with laryngitis?
He was disgruntled.

A pig invited me around to see his new home.
I was surprised – it was actually quite sty-lish.

One day a little pig walked into a bar. He asked the bartender for a beer, and after drinking it he asked where the toilet was.The bartender told him where it was and off walked the pig.

Then another little pig walked in and he also asked the bartender for a beer. After drinking it, he too asked where the toilet was. Once again the bartender gave him directions and off walked the pig.
Then yet another little pig walked into the bar and asked for a beer, which he drank. Then the bartender asked him, “Don’t you want to know where the toilet is?”
The pig replied, “No, I’m the little pig that went wee wee wee all the way home”.

Charity begins on 10 November.

Mark – Remember, remember the 10th of November

Gordon – That’s not right

MarkYes it is the Chairman’s Charity Night     

Gordon – Will we be burning you on a bonfire then?

All November is a Meeting

If it is November it is at the Rugby Club. Definitely not a p…… up at a brewery.

November Meeting – Date Change

 Reflections on Passchendaele.
A talk by our very own David Henderson on the subject of this momentous battle that took place one hundred years ago this year. David will bring a fresh and informative view to the subject. The meeting will be held at the Rugby Club.
“Passchendaele is synonymous for mud and blood and futility. But why was it fought? And why was it fought in the location of Ypres? And what did it achieve beyond its reputation for human carnage? We will attempt to explore these themes as we examine – from all sides – the context of the penultimate year of the Great War.”
Note the date change from Thursday 9th November to Thursday 30th November. This is to avoid a clash of dates with the Chairman’s Charity Evening.
To avoid confusion all apologies so far given for 9th November are void and any member wishing to give apologies for 30th November meeting must do so again.

December Meeting – Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner will be served at the Bryherstones on   Thursday 14 December.
meet at 7.30 to eat at 8.00pm

Home made pate or leek and sweet potato soup

Main Course
Traditional Christmas Turkey Dinner with all the trimmings
Roast Beef with Yorkshire Puddings ( Radford Farm 5 week hung rib of beef ) with horseradish sauce or mustards and lashings of tasty gravy

Traditional Christmas Pudding with either rum sauce or brandy butter OR homemade Lime Cheesecake

£27.50 per head to include  either a pint of lovely hand pulled Timothy Taylor’s  LANDLORD beer, a lager or a glass of red or white wine of the house (highly commended) The house red is a stunning Cape Heights 14% Merlot.

This meeting will be for members, partners and guests and you must opt-in. Please use the link below or the new Opt-in form on the Club website, please give numbers, and meal preferences in the comments section of the form. Payment in advance or on the night.

Tell Tom I am attending

Charity Evening

  • We have our annual charity dinner in a few week’s time:
    • FRIDAY 10th NOVEMBER at the Rugby Club
    • 30 for 8pm
    • 3 course meal plus entertainment
    • It is a 41 Club night so members are paid for – partners and other guests are £30 a head
    • In aid of a local charity – Scarborough Disabled Swimming Group – chosen by Mark Laws
    • Dress is smart/ casual

This will be our third 41 Club Charity Night in recent years. The most important aspect of our club is – in my opinion at least – the fellowship and sustained friendship. However, it is also good to hold an annual event to support worthwhile causes such as the Disabled Swimming Club. In previous years we have raised money for Children’s Wish (for terminally ill children to do something special) and Basics Plus (who employ people with special needs helping both them and the community).

Please therefore support the event if you possibly can. Previous events have been well supported and last year we raised over £1,700.

As this counts as a 41 Club night members need to apologise in the usual way if they are unable to attend please.



Some members have kindly asked if they can make a donation. Any cheques should be made out to ‘Scarborough 41 Club’ and forwarded to Steve please.

Many thanks

Simon Lockley – Membership Officer