An Evening of K9 Delights

The February 41 club evening was celebration of the Chinese new year at Tops restaurant on Falsgrave, an evening where partners were invited and very successful it was too. Our catering officer Tom had organised an exceptional menu.

This comprised

Chinese crackers with our drinks

A mixed platter included spring rolls, satay chicken, ribs and prawns

Crispy duck rolls

A medley of chinese dishes

The staff were efficient and the food served good and hot.

All in all a year of the Dog evening with plenty of bite and no furry after taste !

January 2018 Meeting: Burns’ Night

Club members and guests from Round Table 88 arrived at the Crescent Hotel to be greeted by an imposing figure with ginger hair poking out from under a Tam o’Shanter. This person, on closer inspection, turned out to be Tom Cathcart, or Tommy Burns as he became known later in the evening.

Due respect was given to the Scottish Bard with members dressed in black tie (except one whom we won’t mention but I am looking at you, Richard Clark). The Haggis was duly piped in with due ceremony, the Piper going on to make his Address to the Haggis with suitable dramatic oratory.

Fair fa’ your honest, sonsie face,
Great chieftain o the puddin’-race!
Aboon them a’ ye tak your place,
Painch, tripe, or thairm:
Weel are ye worthy o’ a grace
As lang’s my arm

During the long-armed grace the warm-reekin’, rich Haggis was put to the sgian-dubh (dirk or dagger) and despatched. After which, members enjoyed a fine menu of:

Haggis, Tatties and Neeps starter
Steak Pie, with vegetables

The Chairman took the opportunity early in the evening to alert members to the potential of undercover Financial Times reporters in disguise. He warmly welcomed the Chairman of Round Table, Asif Firfirey, and his significant entourage, to the meeting. Job done, he then proceeded to drown his Newcastle United Nil sorrows in Scotch (Black and White brand).

John White gave a fine rendition of “The Selkirk Grace”. Tommy Burns, in between the music, provided an excellent talk on Rabbie Burns, his life, his work, and his love-life.

The raffle of a bottle of malt, won by somebody who wasn’t me, raised a substantial sum towards the Club’s charitable efforts.

TC provided even more whisky to propose a toast to Mr Burns, to the Haggis, to Round Table, and to as many good causes as we could think of until it ran out.

All in all, a fine evening of good food, drink and fellowship, courtesy of the Crescent team and our Piper, suitably orchestrated by Messrs Cathcart and White, to whom grateful thanks were given (and, of course, a toast of whisky proposed).

Yours aye

David Henderson

Ps Sincere apologies that, due to a technical hitch, the video of the Haggis entering the room with the Piper has not rendered. This is a complete cock-up by the Acting Under-Assistant Deputy Stand-in Substitute Roving Club Reporter. He should be sacked and never asked to do it again. Video of TC’s speech is below the gallery.

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David Henderson’s talk on the Battle of Passchendaele

The second club meeting of November took place at the Rugby Club, always a good venue the laid on a simple but satisfying meal of Steak Pie with lovely short crust pastry, chunky chips and Peas followed by a cheeseboard, all was gladly received and consumed.

The after dinner speaker was our own David Henderson who has a comprehensive knowledge of the first world war, the insight into the real conditions under which our brave boys fought and died along with the reason for the battle taking place in its location. Details of the tactics used by both side was also very interesting.

Well done David Henderson

Successful Charity Night

Thanks to all who organised, attended and contributed to the extremely successful charity evening held at Scarborough Rugby Club in aid of Scarborough Disabled Swimming, the evening featured dancing and music by along with an entertaining interlude by “Twylight“ a high quality entertainment package including a large choir at the start of the evening and continuing to dancers and singer as the evening progressed, Twilight added sparkle to a well-attended event.

‘The evening also included a short play ‘The Carol Police’ written by Keith Johnson which gave a light-hearted take on how traditional carols could be viewed by over-zealous officialdom. The play – which has a clever twist at the end – was produced by arrangement with ‘Pint-size plays’.

A great evening was had and a total of £ 1600 was raised for the local charity which is Scarborough Disabled Swimming, the charity helps people with a disability and their family/carers access the benefits of swimming, may this be through swimming for leisure, sport or rehabilitation.

Indian Banquet Evening October Meeting or (an evening with the other Ian Burnett)

On Thursday 12th October the October 41 Club meeting was the ever-popular Indian meal outing at the Eastern Paradise, for those that were thirsty a few pints at the Scarborough Flyer on St Nicholas Street started the evening off well.

The meal itself was excellent as ever including unusual fish curry although the speed of service could have been a bit more upbeat.

We began with the usual Poppadums with pickles, the hotter the better for me, my taste buds must be getting old and de-sensitized !

Starter Chicken Tikka and Shish Kabab starter.

Mains Butter Chicken, Shisha Kabab Lamb, Tandoori Fish, Prawn Curry and more rice than you could eat.

The other Ian Burnett, not our own welly wearer but Regional 41 Club Rep joined us for the meal and gave a short address over the benefits that 41 members can obtain such as 20% of Hyundai Cars, 10% of Fred Olson cruises and lots of other odds and sods.

All in all, a great evening enjoyed by those who turned out.

September Meeting – SJT Theatre Trip

41 Club Meeting Report – Thursday 14th September 2017
This was an informal ‘opt-in’ meeting comprising of an excellent pre-dinner meal at Lazenbys followed by a saunter up the road to the Stephen Joseph Theatre to see the latest Ayckbourn – ‘A Brief History of Women’.

Having parked on Victoria Road (2nd attempt when some of the workers had departed for home) I spotted Geoff and Jenny Winn plus Richard Clark ahead of me and attempted to catch them up. This was easier said than done – boy, can those people walk fast. Maybe they were trying to tell me something…?? Anyway, I caught them eventually when they had to stop to wait for the green man.

We arrived together to join a select crowd of 41 Club members and partners at Lazenbys. Janet and John White were both there and looking much younger than they have a right to. (John even has a full head of hair still. Don’t these people know what stress is??).
Anyway, I digress. We were perusing the menu when my dear trouble and strife arrived straight from work. Just as well that she was earlier than expected really – I had completely forgotten what she had asked me to order for her and was about to use my initiative (never a good thing) and order her crab cakes followed by mussels – not the soup and beef bourgeon she actually wanted. And was she grateful for my efforts? – not a bit of it. Women, eh?

Anyway, disaster averted we dined well off what did look like brown wrapping paper in place of table mats. To be fair, 41 Club had eaten there before so Lazenbys were probably taking no chances with expensive tableware. Having ‘wrapped’ up (blame Chris Gray for that pun) the excellent meal we headed for the theatre although one or two wine-imbibers had to be dragged away.

We arrived to be joined by some more 41 Clubbers who were unable to make the early dinner. Despite a block booking the theatre seemed to have split us up to avoid trouble although we were within hailing distance of each other. The play itself was very good, and charted the changing life of a man over 60 years, featuring the different women in his life, against a backdrop of the same house. We looked across the theatre to see we had even been joined by the author and director himself – the theatrical legend that is Alan Ayckbourn.

All in all a really good night – many thanks to the organisers.
Report by Simon Lockley – (Co-written and dramatised by Chris Gray)

Archery Night

Many thanks to all who attended the joint 41club and farts archery evening  Thursday July 27th .  It was a close competition this year but the winner again for the second year running with a magnificent score of 320 out of 414  was reigning champion Malcolm Smith. Great shooting Malcolm and  a big congratulations to you  from us all.

The evening was well attended and luckily the weather stayed warm and dry followed by a few beers and a nice meal at Byways.

A special thanks to  Scarborough archers for their patience, guidance and for helping us find the stray arrows

John Naylor (scarborough archers secretary) says they are actively looking for new members and everyone is welcome to join them for a practice.

I will post some pictures of the event onto the website  as soon as I receive them.


Great BBQ Event

Thirty two people attended and were treated to a Greek themed event revolving round a spit roasted feast of chicken and lamb.

The food was prepared by the  BBQ partnership of Tom & John ( aka known as Pinky and Perky or even Laurel & Hardy – guess which one was which) and they said that they were very pleased with the way things went, albeit it was a trifle windy early on.

Many thanks to Scalby Fair for the free loan of the marquee. Five members of 41 Club are from Scalby Fair. However the biggest thanks must obviously go to John and Jenny Edwards for their kindness in hosting the event and lending their garden to 41 Club for the evening.










Quoits Meeting

A big thank you to everybody who competed at the Quoits Championship 2017.  It was a fantastic evening with a good turnout . The weather was beautiful and good to finish off with a few beers.

It was a very close contest this year with the winners being Mike Whiteley and Dave Ascough by the skin of their teeth.  Well done to both of you.

Thanks to John and his team from the Quoits club for their support and to Glenys at the Beck Hole Pub for catering for us.
Overall a great evening so thanks again to everybody.





May 2017 Meeting – Oliver’s on the Mount

The May meeting was held at the refurbished Oliver’s on the Mount restaurant and beforehand an outside pre dinner drinks reception was held by our new Chairman, Mark Laws and his lovely wife, Maria, at their house on Deepdale. The original plan was for members and their partners to walk to the restaurant from this venue but this did not prove to be a popular plan as everyone instead went by car.

We were honoured to have the attendance of Richard and Daphne Frank whom had returned from their six month long holiday in Spain especially for the meeting.

Michael Whiteley had problems with his car alarm after parking his car at the restaurant as it went off three times but only then realised that he had locked the car without letting Simon Lockley get out!! Not quite sure why the child door locks had been set but I suppose when you are with Simon you need to cover all eventualities.

41 Club had the restaurant to ourselves and enjoyed the wonderful views over Scarborough, together with a three course meal followed by coffee/ teas and After Eights.

Great fun and fellowship was had by all and grateful thanks were given to our hosts.


Your roving reporter – Stephen Slade