Indian Banquet Evening October Meeting or (an evening with the other Ian Burnett)

On Thursday 12th October the October 41 Club meeting was the ever-popular Indian meal outing at the Eastern Paradise, for those that were thirsty a few pints at the Scarborough Flyer on St Nicholas Street started the evening off well.

The meal itself was excellent as ever including unusual fish curry although the speed of service could have been a bit more upbeat.

We began with the usual Poppadums with pickles, the hotter the better for me, my taste buds must be getting old and de-sensitized !

Starter Chicken Tikka and Shish Kabab starter.

Mains Butter Chicken, Shisha Kabab Lamb, Tandoori Fish, Prawn Curry and more rice than you could eat.

The other Ian Burnett, not our own welly wearer but Regional 41 Club Rep joined us for the meal and gave a short address over the benefits that 41 members can obtain such as 20% of Hyundai Cars, 10% of Fred Olson cruises and lots of other odds and sods.

All in all, a great evening enjoyed by those who turned out.

September Meeting – SJT Theatre Trip

41 Club Meeting Report – Thursday 14th September 2017
This was an informal ‘opt-in’ meeting comprising of an excellent pre-dinner meal at Lazenbys followed by a saunter up the road to the Stephen Joseph Theatre to see the latest Ayckbourn – ‘A Brief History of Women’.

Having parked on Victoria Road (2nd attempt when some of the workers had departed for home) I spotted Geoff and Jenny Winn plus Richard Clark ahead of me and attempted to catch them up. This was easier said than done – boy, can those people walk fast. Maybe they were trying to tell me something…?? Anyway, I caught them eventually when they had to stop to wait for the green man.

We arrived together to join a select crowd of 41 Club members and partners at Lazenbys. Janet and John White were both there and looking much younger than they have a right to. (John even has a full head of hair still. Don’t these people know what stress is??).
Anyway, I digress. We were perusing the menu when my dear trouble and strife arrived straight from work. Just as well that she was earlier than expected really – I had completely forgotten what she had asked me to order for her and was about to use my initiative (never a good thing) and order her crab cakes followed by mussels – not the soup and beef bourgeon she actually wanted. And was she grateful for my efforts? – not a bit of it. Women, eh?

Anyway, disaster averted we dined well off what did look like brown wrapping paper in place of table mats. To be fair, 41 Club had eaten there before so Lazenbys were probably taking no chances with expensive tableware. Having ‘wrapped’ up (blame Chris Gray for that pun) the excellent meal we headed for the theatre although one or two wine-imbibers had to be dragged away.

We arrived to be joined by some more 41 Clubbers who were unable to make the early dinner. Despite a block booking the theatre seemed to have split us up to avoid trouble although we were within hailing distance of each other. The play itself was very good, and charted the changing life of a man over 60 years, featuring the different women in his life, against a backdrop of the same house. We looked across the theatre to see we had even been joined by the author and director himself – the theatrical legend that is Alan Ayckbourn.

All in all a really good night – many thanks to the organisers.
Report by Simon Lockley – (Co-written and dramatised by Chris Gray)

Archery Night

Many thanks to all who attended the joint 41club and farts archery evening  Thursday July 27th .  It was a close competition this year but the winner again for the second year running with a magnificent score of 320 out of 414  was reigning champion Malcolm Smith. Great shooting Malcolm and  a big congratulations to you  from us all.

The evening was well attended and luckily the weather stayed warm and dry followed by a few beers and a nice meal at Byways.

A special thanks to  Scarborough archers for their patience, guidance and for helping us find the stray arrows

John Naylor (scarborough archers secretary) says they are actively looking for new members and everyone is welcome to join them for a practice.

I will post some pictures of the event onto the website  as soon as I receive them.


Great BBQ Event

Thirty two people attended and were treated to a Greek themed event revolving round a spit roasted feast of chicken and lamb.

The food was prepared by the  BBQ partnership of Tom & John ( aka known as Pinky and Perky or even Laurel & Hardy – guess which one was which) and they said that they were very pleased with the way things went, albeit it was a trifle windy early on.

Many thanks to Scalby Fair for the free loan of the marquee. Five members of 41 Club are from Scalby Fair. However the biggest thanks must obviously go to John and Jenny Edwards for their kindness in hosting the event and lending their garden to 41 Club for the evening.










Quoits Meeting

A big thank you to everybody who competed at the Quoits Championship 2017.  It was a fantastic evening with a good turnout . The weather was beautiful and good to finish off with a few beers.

It was a very close contest this year with the winners being Mike Whiteley and Dave Ascough by the skin of their teeth.  Well done to both of you.

Thanks to John and his team from the Quoits club for their support and to Glenys at the Beck Hole Pub for catering for us.
Overall a great evening so thanks again to everybody.





May 2017 Meeting – Oliver’s on the Mount

The May meeting was held at the refurbished Oliver’s on the Mount restaurant and beforehand an outside pre dinner drinks reception was held by our new Chairman, Mark Laws and his lovely wife, Maria, at their house on Deepdale. The original plan was for members and their partners to walk to the restaurant from this venue but this did not prove to be a popular plan as everyone instead went by car.

We were honoured to have the attendance of Richard and Daphne Frank whom had returned from their six month long holiday in Spain especially for the meeting.

Michael Whiteley had problems with his car alarm after parking his car at the restaurant as it went off three times but only then realised that he had locked the car without letting Simon Lockley get out!! Not quite sure why the child door locks had been set but I suppose when you are with Simon you need to cover all eventualities.

41 Club had the restaurant to ourselves and enjoyed the wonderful views over Scarborough, together with a three course meal followed by coffee/ teas and After Eights.

Great fun and fellowship was had by all and grateful thanks were given to our hosts.


Your roving reporter – Stephen Slade

41 Club AGM – Report (Illustrated)

Minutes of the 62nd Annual General Meeting of Scarborough41 Club held at

The Wrea Head Hotel on Thursday 20th April 2017

Introduction of guests.

As there were no guests. No introduction was required.

  1. Approval of the minutes of the 61st AGM held on 21st April 2016.


  1. Matters arising.


  1. Committee members report.

4.1 Secretary’s report.

Mike Shingler (ne Raymond Malcolm) gave a brief report as he said he had managed to delegate most of the secretaries’ duties over the past few years to other members. He did report that our numbers were “around 63” and that new younger members would always be welcome, who would come in useful cutting up our meat in the near future.

Although the apology system is likely to change slightly this year due to Mikes probable retirement. He will still stay on as Secretary, as no one else will do it!

4.2 Treasurer’s report.

Steve Slade started by announcing that due to the excessive paperwork he has had to generate for the club over the past few years. He now must wear glasses to read. He will therefore be putting a claim for compensation into the club.

Having previously passed around copies of the accounts. Steve then went on to go through the accounts in detail. The main points being that there is going to be no change in the annual subs of £25 per member, £5 of which goes into the Aalten fund each year.

£1770 was raised at the charity night which was donated to Basics Plus (chairman Gordon’s nominated charity).

The General account stands at £3354

The Aalten fund stands at £2587

The Charity account of £460 will be donated to Basics Plus.

Steve also reported finding a fair amount of foreign coinage (mainly Euros) in the Charity box. And as Richard Frank has spent a large proportion of the year in Europe. It is assumed he is the culprit!

Overall the club is in credit to the tune of around £6400 due mainly to the way non-apologies are also charged for the meals they don’t attend.

Steve ended by staying that due to his work commitments he is standing down at treasurer and that Iain Johnston had stupidly put his name forward to take on the job this coming year.

There were no serious questions of the treasurer.

4.3 Catering Officer’s report.

Simon Ward (who was speaking on behalf of the other Catering Officers) started by stating that every meeting over the past 7 years while he has been in office, there has been 4 or 5 members who do not apologise and who don’t turn up. This was however, until Ian Costello managed to book the exact number of people to attend the visit around the new Lifeboat.

The average attendance and meal costs over the past year had been 26.1 and £23 accordingly. Simon also pointed out that the “opt in events” always produced the correct numbers.

Charity events have been well attended and very successful and he hoped would continue under Tom Cathcart’s stewardship.

Again, no serious questions were put to the Catering Officer.

4.4 Membership Officers report.

Simon Lockley started by saying that although the charity events over the past couple of years had been very

successful at raising money. They had not resulted in attracting new members. Which had been one of the main aims originally. Having picked up a statement by Simon earlier on regarding the opposite sex. John Priestly suggested we could offer new female members a sex change!

John was then asked by Barry Hodgson, “how was it John??”

Once the laughter had died down Simon continued apace. Stating that we have one prospective new member who comes up to the exacting standards of 41 Club. That being he is over 40 and has a pulse!

4.5 Newsletter Editor’s report.

David Henderson reported that once again all had gone well with the website with contributions from members (mainly Chairman Gordon) and of course Stuart Bains for not only his photographic contribution but also to his meeting reports. However, going forward David reported that although he will still host the website he will, due to his increasing absence from Scarborough, no longer can edit the content on the website or send out notices. The replacement of such function would be discussed later in the meeting.

4.6 Sport’s Officer’s report.

Darren Kellet that the quoits night between 41 Club, FART and Round Table had been well attended and enjoyed by all. Which, on count back had resulted in 41 Club coming second.

The other event. The Pool Night. Was not well attended due probably to holidays, apathy and the fact that the Round Table had a meeting the night before and therefor pass outs were hard to come by. However, he did say that he was going to arrange for both events to be repeated this year but that if anyone else had any good ideas. They would be considered.

No questions from the members apart from Mike Holiday, (who had obviously been waiting a long time to put the question). “So when the quoits night had to end early due to lack of light. Was that quoitus interruptus?”

  1. Chairman’s report.

Gordon Hayes then started by expressing his thanks to past Chairmen who have given him advice and of course to his committee.

He then went on to mention one or two of the meeting that we have had.

The RLNI visit. Which resulted in a record attendance of 36.

The visit by our National President, Barry Durman.

The Charity evening.

The raffle prize of a bottle of whisky. Was won by David Henderson. The money raised during the evening of £144 would also be donated to Basics Plus.

Gordon then went on to present all his committee members with a bottle of wine each.

He then went on to wish Mark Lawes all the best in his upcoming year as club Chairman. Although Mike Shingler pointed out that “he hadn’t been voted in yet”.

  1. Election of Officers and Committee

There then followed a successful on bloke vote for the new officers and committee members as listed in the Agenda. The only person who was unaware of is proposed position, being Simon Lockley as Vice Chairman. Who having been through the chair before. Might get it right this time around! (Mike Shingler believed).

  1. Induction of new Chairman

The usual handing over of chains and jewels then occurred. Followed by an address by our new Chairman Mark Laws.

  1. New Chairman’s Address.

Mark started by saying that his address was 5 Deepdale Avenue.

He did then go on to tell a few jokes. Which went down well although he did say he wasn’t good at telling jokes. Which was true.

He then went on to thank Gordon for chairing a fantastic year. He also thanked the incoming committee but also thanked Simon Ward and David Henderson, who after many years in office are stepping down.

He said members should try to encourage ex Tablers to join 41 Club, some of whom perhaps think that it’s not for them.

Mark reminded everyone that next year is the Aalton twining weekend.

That his nominated charity this year will be the Scarborough Disabled Swimming Club who had been around for the past 50 years.

He also mentioned the fact that as Dave is stepping down we do need help now to fill this gap.

He then gave out that the next meeting will be on the Thursday 25th May at the Oliver’s Mount café. It will be an opt in meeting with partners. Gordon needs to be contacted at least a week before.



41 Club AGM Pictures

An illustrated report of last month’s AGM. A written report will be along soon!!!

Our happy band gather

Out with the old………..

In with the new………

And for next year………….

Report, what report!

What are these figures?

I said profiteroles











March 2017 meeting report: National President’s visit

The March 2017 Scarborough 41 Club meeting took place at the Copper Horse, Seamer. As ever, we were treated to excellent food: beginning with the Copper Horse’s paté for starters with the Copper Horse’s speciality mini-wholemeal loaf; followed by true Yorkshire Beef and Yorkshire pudding; and sticky toffee pudding and ice cream for pud.

For the first time I can remember the numbers booked for meals were spot on!

We were visited by an esteemed guest speaker: 41 Club National President, Barry Durman. Barry gave an interesting and entertaining update on National’s priorities this year which which include international, charitable, and community service events  and supporting his chosen charity of Shelter. Barry reported that there are some 400 clubs at the current time.

Barry mentioned a deal which might be of benefit to any 41 Club members: a 20% discount on Hyundai cars.

Barry kindly presented our Gordon with a framed photo of Louis Marchesi.

Stuart Baines
Scarborough 41 Club Roving Reporter

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February 2017 meeting report: RNLI visit

41 Club visits the new Scarborough Lifeboat House

The February 41 Club visit took the form of a visit to the new RNLI Lifeboat House at Scarborough’s Sandside  to have a look at their new facilities.

The RNLI lifeboat crews showed us the new Shannon class lifeboat which cost £2.3m – and looked it – being in fantastic condition and very shiny.

The new lifeboat had been funded by donations from the F W Plaxton Charitable Trust and will be named “Frederick William Plaxton”. The RNLI fundraising appeal also raised £200,000 towards the cost of a bespoke launch and recovery vehicle for the new lifeboat.

The building includes a revamped shop and an exhibition space where those who visit can learn about the history of the lifesaving charity. There are also upgraded volunteer crew facilities with extra space for lifesaving training and an up-to-date drying room for their kit.

The Shannon class lifeboat is the first modern RNLI all-weather lifeboat to be powered by water jets and not propellers. Capable of 25 knots, the Shannon is 50% faster than the lifeboats it replaces, so ensuring that those in need are reached even faster.

The Shannon needs a bespoke launch and recovery system. She is designed to be mostly launched and recovered from a beach but, without the right launching equipment, this is impossible. The RNLI worked with Supacat Ltd in developing a system capable of launching and recovering the Shannon class lifeboat from the beach at all states of the tide.

After the tour of the Lifeboat House tour we were treated to a fish and chip supper at the Golden Grid which was as tasty as ever.

Stuart Baines
Scarborough 41 Club roving reporter

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