New Year Greetings from Mark and Aalten Twinning Weekend

Happy new year and here’s to good health, happiness and prosperity for 2018.

STOP PRESS Aalten Round Table 88 and Aalten 41 Plus Clubs will be hosting their counterparts from Scarborough over the weekend of 13/14/15 April 2018. This will be a weekend of great fellowship, will cement many longstanding friendships and generate many new links. At the moment we do not have a programme, so watch the 41 Club website for more details. If you would like to attend please could you let Nigel Sheppard know via email at A preliminary indication as soon as possible would be great.

I thought I’d remind you all of my favourite inventor Nikola Tesla ( 1856-1943) and one of his famous quotes “ I don’t care that they stole my idea… I care that they don’t have any of their own “
75 years after his death he is finally being recognised for the genius inventor that he was. He died broke and alone having been persecuted by corporate and government interests.
These are the 10 great things he brought to the world
1) AC ( Alternating current) electricity- Edison (DC) v Tesla (AC) 
2) Fluorescent bulbs ( light bulbs)
3) X-rays ( Tesla coils)
4) Radio ( not Marconi)
5) Remote controls
6) Electric Motors
7) Robotics
8) Lasers
9) Wireless Communication ( World Wide Web?)
10) Limitless Free Energy

This Serbian-American inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, physicist and futurist. He was a brilliant but eccentric genius. His inventions paved the way for many of the things we take for granted and yet he was rarely given any credit.
He even dreamed up death rays an impenetrable wall of force to block and destroy foreign invaders, this never came to reality but his idea may have influenced the writers of many Science fiction films ( The emperors death ray in Star Wars?). After his death his labs were invaded by the FBI and much of his work was taken away. One wonders what else he was working on ( perhaps a device to predict how many people will turn up on a 41 club night! )
I look forward to seeing you all at the Burns night on 25th January at the Crescent Hotel where we will be celebrating the Great Scottish Bard Robbie Burns with a traditional Burns supper.
May the bonds of our friendship never rust

January Meeting – Burns Night

Robbie Burns, Scotland’s Bard was born in Alloway in Ayreshire on 25th January 1759. He died aged just 37 in 1796. At least since 1802 his memory has been celebrated by a traditional ‘Burn’s Supper’ and Round Table and 41 Club have enjoyed quite a few of these over the years.
The venue is the Crescent Hotel, Scarborough where we will have exclusive use of the Blenheim dining room, adjacent to the bar.
Please gather in the bar from 7pm (please note this) and where we sit down at 7.30pm. The Haggis will be piped into the dining room by a famous kilted Scotsman who will then recite for us The Address to A Haggis. Once the poor beastie has been despatched with a suitably sharp Masonic dagger we will then have supper as follows:

A sample plate of McSween haggis with ‘neeps and tattles served with a tasting of whiskey sauce
Main Course
This consists of a traditional recipe home made steak pie with shortcrust pastry of the sort commonly eaten in Scotland on New Year’s evening. With veg & gravy.
Sweet Course
We will be treated to CRANACHAN  a Scots dish made with raspberries, cream and whiskey
Coffee & Biscuits
During the course of the meal we will have whiskey tasting, poem recitals and some appropriate music

At the request of our Chairman Mark and also as a mark (?!) of respect for Mr Burn’s himself the event is BLACK TIE though a kilt will suffice.

February Meeting – Chinese New Year

The Chinese have their own calendar where their New Year starts mid February and is based on the 12 year cycle of their Zodiac. This year is the Year of The Dog. Previous Dog Years were 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982 etc. Superstitious Chinese believe that bad luck attends during a Dog Year on anybody born in a previous Dog Year ! So watch out anyone born in 1946, 1958 etc!!
We will celebrate the New Year by a members AND PARTNERS trip to the beautifully refurbished TOPS Chinese restaurant opposite the Tap & Spile , Falsgrave on Thursday 15th February. This used to be The Red Dragon but has undergone a metamorphosis to emerge as Scarborough’s newest Szechuan Cantonese restaurant. It has very good reviews
THE PLAN – We meet from 6.30 onwards in the lounge bar of the Tap & Spile. We then make our way over to the restaurant c 7.30 to eat a set banquet menu at 8.00pm. (There is a small bar in the restaurant if you prefer
EXCLUSIONS – We are pleased to confirm that there are NO doggy parts on the menu but if you wish to savour a canine repast then please speak with the restaurant proprietors directly. However 41 Club accepts no responsibility for anyone barking or growling the following day.
PROTOCOL- However much you may have enjoyed your meal PLEASE refrain from asking for a doggy bag at the end.

Please use the Opt-In form at

November Meeting – Date Change

 Reflections on Passchendaele.
A talk by our very own David Henderson on the subject of this momentous battle that took place one hundred years ago this year. David will bring a fresh and informative view to the subject. The meeting will be held at the Rugby Club.
“Passchendaele is synonymous for mud and blood and futility. But why was it fought? And why was it fought in the location of Ypres? And what did it achieve beyond its reputation for human carnage? We will attempt to explore these themes as we examine – from all sides – the context of the penultimate year of the Great War.”
Note the date change from Thursday 9th November to Thursday 30th November. This is to avoid a clash of dates with the Chairman’s Charity Evening.
To avoid confusion all apologies so far given for 9th November are void and any member wishing to give apologies for 30th November meeting must do so again.

Christmas Greetings from Mark

Happy Christmas to all 41 Club members and their partners. I hope you all have a plan to avoid the worst ravages of the build up to Xmas which seems to start earlier every year.

Last week one of our patients decided to try our new drive through dispensary which was a concept I only came up with after the event. Luckily no one was seriously injured I thought the car in question must have literally flown to get to where it ended up. This made me think of the Jetsons one of my favourite cartoons from the 1970’s. They predicted flying cars and as a child then I expected that by 2017 we’d all be driving/ flying around. I’m sure Mr Dyson or Musk are on to it .

Thanks to all who organised, attended and contributed to the extremely successful charity evening held at Scarborough Rugby Club in aid of Scarborough Disabled Swimming, the evening featured dancing and music by along with an entertaining interlude by “Twylight“ a high quality entertainment package including a large choir at the start of the evening and continuing to dancers and singer as the evening progressed, Twilight added sparkle to a well-attended event.
‘The evening also included a short play ‘The Carol Police’ written by Keith Johnson which gave a light-hearted take on how traditional carols could be viewed by over-zealous officialdom. The play – which has a clever twist at the end – was produced by arrangement with ‘Pint-size plays’.

A great evening was had and a total of £ 1600 was raised for the local charity which is Scarborough Disabled Swimming, the charity helps people with a disability and their family/carers access the benefits of swimming, may this be through swimming for leisure, sport or rehabilitation.

Seasons Greetings


Charity Evening

  • We have our annual charity dinner in a few week’s time:
    • FRIDAY 10th NOVEMBER at the Rugby Club
    • 30 for 8pm
    • 3 course meal plus entertainment
    • It is a 41 Club night so members are paid for – partners and other guests are £30 a head
    • In aid of a local charity – Scarborough Disabled Swimming Group – chosen by Mark Laws
    • Dress is smart/ casual

This will be our third 41 Club Charity Night in recent years. The most important aspect of our club is – in my opinion at least – the fellowship and sustained friendship. However, it is also good to hold an annual event to support worthwhile causes such as the Disabled Swimming Club. In previous years we have raised money for Children’s Wish (for terminally ill children to do something special) and Basics Plus (who employ people with special needs helping both them and the community).

Please therefore support the event if you possibly can. Previous events have been well supported and last year we raised over £1,700.

As this counts as a 41 Club night members need to apologise in the usual way if they are unable to attend please.



Some members have kindly asked if they can make a donation. Any cheques should be made out to ‘Scarborough 41 Club’ and forwarded to Steve please.

Many thanks

Simon Lockley – Membership Officer

October Meeting – Indian Banquet

Thursday 12 October (apologies by Friday 6 October)
The evening starts by meeting in THE SCARBOROUGH FLYER on St Nicholas Street from 6.30pm. This newly refurbished pub sells fine cask ales at very reasonable prices. And it’s only 3 minute walk from

EASTERN PARADISE, opposite the Market




I am arranging that we are treated to the SPECIAL BANQUET  which few people seem to know about but which is superb. One of the dishes is Bangladeshi curried fish which is divine. Part of the evening will consist on sitting down to an ice cold pint of COBRA lager.

Tom (Social Secretary and Camera critic)

December Meeting – Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner will be served at the Bryherstones on   Thursday 14 December.
meet at 7.30 to eat at 8.00pm

Home made pate or leek and sweet potato soup

Main Course
Traditional Christmas Turkey Dinner with all the trimmings
Roast Beef with Yorkshire Puddings ( Radford Farm 5 week hung rib of beef ) with horseradish sauce or mustards and lashings of tasty gravy

Traditional Christmas Pudding with either rum sauce or brandy butter OR homemade Lime Cheesecake

£27.50 per head to include  either a pint of lovely hand pulled Timothy Taylor’s  LANDLORD beer, a lager or a glass of red or white wine of the house (highly commended) The house red is a stunning Cape Heights 14% Merlot.

This meeting will be for members, partners and guests and you must opt-in. Please use the link below or the new Opt-in form on the Club website, please give numbers, and meal preferences in the comments section of the form. Payment in advance or on the night.

Tell Tom I am attending

Elves wanted!

Round Table are looking for collectors to help again on this year’s charity santa sleigh pull. Please could 41 Club members check the link below and add their names as elves to any evenings with which they can assist. Given Round Table’s support for our charity evenings, it would be good to try and help them out in return.




September Meeting – The Play’s the thing


THEATRE TRIP – Thursday 14th September (with partners)
The evening starts by an early visit to award-winning LAZENBYS on York Place and then we go to SJT for an early showing of ALAN AYCKBOURN’S new comedy A BRIEF HISTORY OF WOMEN

LAZENBYS will look after us from 5.30pm BUT you will need to make your booking DIRECTLY with the restaurant by ‘phoning Simon on 01723 373836 Tell the restaurant that you are one of the 41 Club and this will enable us to be seated at the same tables. On the night you will need to make payment DIRECTLY yourselves for whatever course(s) you have chosen, likewise wine etc. 

After LAZENBYS we make our way to enjoy the 7pm performance (note this) of AYCKBOURN’S critically acclaimed new production which is being premiered here in Scarborough. PLEASE NOTE that you need to make your own booking of tickets DIRECTLY with the SJT. When doing so mention that you are 41 Club and you will be allocated to the seats for which we have reservations. The ticket office number is 01723 370541

Let’s try to have a good turnout for our first meeting of the 2017/8 year