September Meeting – SJT Theatre Trip

41 Club Meeting Report – Thursday 14th September 2017
This was an informal ‘opt-in’ meeting comprising of an excellent pre-dinner meal at Lazenbys followed by a saunter up the road to the Stephen Joseph Theatre to see the latest Ayckbourn – ‘A Brief History of Women’.

Having parked on Victoria Road (2nd attempt when some of the workers had departed for home) I spotted Geoff and Jenny Winn plus Richard Clark ahead of me and attempted to catch them up. This was easier said than done – boy, can those people walk fast. Maybe they were trying to tell me something…?? Anyway, I caught them eventually when they had to stop to wait for the green man.

We arrived together to join a select crowd of 41 Club members and partners at Lazenbys. Janet and John White were both there and looking much younger than they have a right to. (John even has a full head of hair still. Don’t these people know what stress is??).
Anyway, I digress. We were perusing the menu when my dear trouble and strife arrived straight from work. Just as well that she was earlier than expected really – I had completely forgotten what she had asked me to order for her and was about to use my initiative (never a good thing) and order her crab cakes followed by mussels – not the soup and beef bourgeon she actually wanted. And was she grateful for my efforts? – not a bit of it. Women, eh?

Anyway, disaster averted we dined well off what did look like brown wrapping paper in place of table mats. To be fair, 41 Club had eaten there before so Lazenbys were probably taking no chances with expensive tableware. Having ‘wrapped’ up (blame Chris Gray for that pun) the excellent meal we headed for the theatre although one or two wine-imbibers had to be dragged away.

We arrived to be joined by some more 41 Clubbers who were unable to make the early dinner. Despite a block booking the theatre seemed to have split us up to avoid trouble although we were within hailing distance of each other. The play itself was very good, and charted the changing life of a man over 60 years, featuring the different women in his life, against a backdrop of the same house. We looked across the theatre to see we had even been joined by the author and director himself – the theatrical legend that is Alan Ayckbourn.

All in all a really good night – many thanks to the organisers.
Report by Simon Lockley – (Co-written and dramatised by Chris Gray)

March 2016 food and drink connoisseurs meeting at Jeremy’s

March’s 41 club meeting took the form of the ever popular food and wine connoisseurs meeting when we were treated to posh versions of the stable 41 club fare in as much as Leak and Potato soup, Shepherd’s Pie and Sticky Toffee Pudding for afters.

The wines provided were a very pleasant organic white from the Barone di Villagrand vinyard on Sicily.

Main course was accompanied by a nice red being a Chilean Sauvignon Cabinet from the Gran Hacienda vineyard

The Sticky Toffee pudding was served with a French desert wine which was as rich and fruity as you would expect a good dessert wine to be.
Wilkco gave the vote of thanks

The only disappointing point of the evening was the usual non apologies which left three tables unoccupied and food wasted.

Report on the February 2016 Chinese Meal 41 Club Meeting

The February meeting was held at the Kam Sang Chinese Restaurant on North Marine Road.

A pint in “Indigo Alley” was a good starting point, where I enjoyed a nice pint of Indigo Bitter (worth a try!). Sadly, I missed the ritual of the emergence of the moths when our glorious Secretary opened his wallet to buy the drinks……..allegedly.

The tables for our meal were spread out in the centre of the restaurant, resulting in a number tables with three persons and upwards. The restaurant was quite busy and people seemed to be coming and going all the time.

A three-course meal was provided, comprising the starter (Prawn Toast, Crab Meat, Spare Ribs and Seaweed), a second course of Crispy Duck, Hoisin Sauce, Cucumber and Lettuce and, finally, a number of typical Chinese dishes with Boiled Rice. The quality of the food was good and, perhaps, the quantity was more than was necessary. It was a shame to see a lot of food wasted because people were replete. The service was slow but that is good for the digestion!

There was no speaker for the meeting and there was no business other than Simon advising that the next meeting would be held on Thursday 10th March at Jeremy’s and will be a wine-tasting evening (I suggest that you double-check the booking, Simon!).

A good evening was had by all and the food had been very enjoyable. A good evening of fellowship!

Richard Coulson

Thanks Richard !

Burns Night Report January 2016

Report on Burns Night Meeting at Fledglings Restaurant on 14 January 2016

A pleasing 27 members of 41 Club including several members not seen for some time and 5 members of Round Table attended the early Burns Night Meal at Fledglings Restaurant at Yorkshire Coast College which Chairman Richard described as a 41 Club meeting with Round Table in attendance as guests. There were 2 other guests in attendance Ed Asquith and all the way from Australia Alan Gammel.

An enjoyable meal made up of typical Scottish ingredients including smoked salmon, haggis, neeps, taties, venison, cranachan and cloutie dumpling was well cooked and served by Yorkshire Coast Colleges second year catering students who were thanked by Chairman Richard for their sterling efforts on behalf of the members.
Tim Draper from Round Table addressed the haggis before stabbing it with a knife in time honoured tradition using a knife provided by the College and not the dirk he had stuffed down his sock and for entertainment after the meal Jim McCann also from Round Table read a mercifully short poem by the great Scottish bard called “Bottle and Friend”
Included with the meal was a shot of whisky. Several attempts were made by whisky aficionados to identify the whisky. Was it from Speyside or Islay – only for their pretentiousness to be exposed when one of the students appeared from the kitchen carrying a bottle of bog standard Bells!
The meeting concluded with reports from the various officers including one from the Sports Officer Jim Hughes reporting that regrettably doe to the recent wet weather all games involving members of the Club had had to be postponed but he did promise a full programme of sporting events as soon as the weather improved and ended with the usual toast to RTBI

Ian Brabbs

Thanks Ian, Ed (SB)

November 2015 Race Night report

– Whilst 41 Club has gained some new members in recent years, it was proposed that we should raise the profile via a ‘Membership Evening’
– The immediate advice from Round Table members who had tried a similar event, was that actually badging the evening with the word ‘Membership’ was guaranteed to frighten off any invited guests
– The Membership Officer – Simon Lockley -therefore formed a committee consisting of Richard Grunwell/ Steve Slade/ Simon Ward plus Ben Kitto flying the flag for RT88 to agree a way forward. We also had guest appearances from Mike Shingler & Nigel Sheppard, and David Henderson promoted the event online
– It was decided to host some type of social event, and this was rapidly followed by the notion of making this into a Race Night to generate some funds for seriously ill children
– The Membership Officer then spent an exhausting 3 months delegating tasks to others
– The Race Night started to take shape, and by ‘D Day’ – 20 November – Yorkshire Race Nights had been booked to appear at Scarborough Rugby Club, and 110 people had booked a place
– Jenny Slade plus her friend Victoria, and Elaine Lockley kindly spent several hours decorating the room with items donated by Boyes Stores
The Event
– There were a few last minute cancellations and additions but 106 people attended, with Ian Costello parting them from their money at the door.
– Scarborough Rugby Club donated a very large room free of charge and sponsorship from local companies underpinned costs and got us off to a head start. Thanks to: Lloyd Dowson/ David Duggleby/ Brian Davidson/ Raflatac/ Moore Stephens/ Pinkney Grunwells/ Care Micro/ plus Boyes
– Alan Collins – Ambassador for Children’s Wish – drove all the way up from Coventry to explain how the organisation provided customised ‘wishes’ to brighten the lives of children undergoing treatment for cancer and other serious conditions
– Simon L & Ben Kitto kicked off the event with a brief welcome then handed over to Tyrone from Yorkshire Race Nights.
– Simon Ward & Jim Hughes manned theTote and the racing started, pausing only for some excellent pie , chips & peas at 8.30pm plus a raffle hosted by Tony Peers assisted by Samantha Lockley
– Stuart Baines was tasked with capturing a record of the event

– Steve Slade arranged for money from the various sources to be counted during the event, and he was able to step forward at about 11pm to thank people for attending and announce a provisional net joint donation from 41 Club & RT88 of £2,000
– The local press are going to be invited to a formal handover of the money to Children’s Wish, and contact details to be supplied to encourage potential new members to get in touch.

Simon Lockley

Photos by Stuart Baines

nov-2015_018 nov-2015_017 nov-2015_016 nov-2015_015 nov-2015_014 nov-2015_013 nov-2015_012 nov-2015_011 nov-2015_008 nov-2015_005 nov-2015_004


Vladimir Putin, who as we know, is always wanting to get on the good side of voters, goes to visit a school in Moscow to have a chat with the kids.

He talks to them about how Russia is a powerful nation and how he wants the best for the people.
At the end of the talk, there is a section for questions, Little Alina
puts her hand up and says “I have two questions”

“Why did the Russians take Crimea? And Why are we sending troops to Ukraine?”

Putin says “Good questions” But just as he is about to answer, the bell goes, and the kids go to Lunch.

When they come back, they sit back down and there is room for some more questions, another girl, Tatiana, puts her hand up and says “I have Four questions”
“My Questions are –

Why did the Russians invade Crimea?

Why are we sending troops to Ukraine?

Why did the bell go 20 minutes early?
And where is Alina?”

May Meeting details – inc update

Menu choices updated 6 May

Dear all

In the absence of Mr Ward and Mr Henderson on their joliies they following are the initial details of the May meeting which is to take place on Thursday 14th May.

The meeting is to be at The Bryerstones, Newlands Road, Cloughton, Scarborough YO13 0AR 7.30 for 8pm eating.

Its a meeting for members and their partners. The choice for main course is:

  • Steak Pie
  • Chicken in mushroom sauce or
  • Smoked salmon and prawn platter (cold with salad)

The puddings can be ordered from the normal menu on the night.

Can members please e mail me at or ring my office 01723 371466 with number of people attending and choice of main course by 5pm on Thursday 7th May.

Those members who want to do a walk beforehand can do a walk along the railway line from Burniston (Rocks lane bridge- 2.25 miles) or Cloughton Station (1.5 miles) via the Bridge at Hood Lane Cloughton , Hood Lane itself then turn right on to Newlands Road to the pub. It may be easier for the walkers to meet at the Bryerstones, at say 6.45pm, leave their cars there and I’ll taxi them to the start point of their choice.

As usual for the partners meeting, it will be a case of letting me know who is coming and what their main course choice will be before Friday 8th May, in accordance with the recent change to meeting apologies, as agreed at the AGM

Please let Simon know if you are attending



PS details of alternative main courses to follow

Wine and food tasting evening at the Copper Horse, March 2015

March 2015’s 41 Club meeting was a fantastic evening co-hosted by the Copper Horse and Kris Cattaneo of Betton Wines, Kris is the son of former Tabler John Cattaneo so was on a winner from the start, the evening consisted of excellent drinks and food with comments on each drink and suitability for each course by our hosts. One of the best tasting evenings we have had in my opinion. Here’s the menu:

Welcoming you with a selection of Copper Horse treats including our own Pork Scratchings & Bramley Apple Sauce, Old Bay Roast Nuts and Mini Pork Sausages with Grain Mustard Mayo

The Great Yorkshire Classic & Pale Ale


‘The Copper Horse Plate’
‘Doreen’s’ Black Pudding, Yorkshire Blackout Rarebit, Thick Cut Home Cured Pancetta, Poached Hens Egg & Braised Onions

Domaine du Pre Baron, Touraine Sauvignon Blanc


‘Mainprizes’ Hot Smoked Salmon Croquette, Lemon Hollandaise & Pea Shoot Salad

Mon Vieux Old Dutch Chenin Blanc


Vichyssoise with Chive Crème Fraiche


Pan Fried ‘Sykes House Farm’ Lamb Rump, Fricassee of Spring Greens & Pancetta

La Bascula ‘The Charge’ Tempranillo Garnache Rioja


A Tier of Copper Horse Classic Desserts, Sticky Toffee Pudding, Bramley Apple Crumble, Chocolate Brownie, Toffee Meringue

PX Sherry

Finished with ‘Americano’ style Coffee made using the Radcliffe Cherry Wood Roast Beans from ‘UE Coffee’, served with Handmade Chocolate Truffles


  • Fruit and Vegetables supplied by Threshfields of Guiesley
  • Meat supplied by Sykes House Farm of Wetherby
  • Fish supplied by Mainprizes of Scarborough
  • Beer supplied by The Great Yorkshire Brewery of Cropton
  • Coffee supplied by UE Coffee Roasters of Bradford
  • Wine supplied by Betton Wines of Scarborough


Report and photos by Stuart Baines

Tuscany Too meeting report 12 February 2015

The evening spent at Tuscany Too began with Jim Hughes instructing me not to mention England’s rampant victory over Wales the previous weekend. So I won’t.

After several members had contacted their banks to take out a loan to buy a round of drinks, Chairman Dave welcomed everyone to the meeting, and Tom Cathcart delivered a nearly word perfect Table grace.

The Italian three course meal, with a choice at each course, was well received by members who commented on the quality of the food. Conversation was rich and diverse. Mike Shingler shared his views on the human digestive system after the age of forty, although Simon Lockley considered his musings pasta joke.

It was an excellent evening for committee members’ reports – there were none. This allowed Chairman Dave to proceed to introduce the guest speaker, Jim Dillon, Chief Executive of Scarborough Borough Council. There is a possibility that some of his introduction may have been fabricated.

Following a self-deprecating reflection on his colourful but incomprehensible accent, Jim updated us on several current local hot topics. The planned water park slides will rival those in Dubai, the outdoor swimming pool will be heated 37 degrees centigrade, the Futurist theatre will be replaced by a glorified escalator, the Weaponness sports village will bring the town’s football club back to Scarborough, and the area will include the development of a technical to college and university campus. Many of the plans and proposals sound exciting. Here’s hoping they materialise………

There followed a question and answer session which ranged from the A64 to the potential potash mine, and all points in between.

Richard Grunwell proposed a vote of thanks to Jim Dillon for the giving of his time to speak to us, and the evening finished with the usual toast to RTBI. Home for a (relatively) late Horlicks…..

Gordon Hayes


Mick supervises the pepper rationing


Pasta parcel


I think one of them is enjoying himself


Steve thinks it’s a speed eating competition


It wasn’t done like this in my day


I don’t recognise that 41 Clubber to my left. Time he bought a round, though.



A tale for those former rugby players amongst you !

A Poem for old rugby players………..

When the battle scars have faded
And the truth becomes a lie
And the weekend smell of liniment
Could almost make you cry.

When the last rucks well behind you
And the man that ran now walks
It doesn’t matter who you are
The mirror sometimes talks

Have a good hard look old son!
The melons not that great
The snoz that takes a sharp turn sideways
Used to be dead straight

You’re an advert for arthritis
You’re a thoroughbred gone lame
Then you ask yourself the question
Why the hell you played the game?

Was there logic in the head knocks?
In the corks and in the cuts?
Did common sense get pushed aside?
By manliness and guts?

Do you sometimes sit and wonder
Why your time would often pass
In a tangled mess of bodies
With your head up someone’s……?

With a thumb hooked up your nostril
Scratching gently on your brain
And an overgrown Neanderthal
Rejoicing in your pain!

Mate – you must recall the jersey
That was shredded into rags
Then the soothing sting of Dettol
On a back engraved with tags!

It’s almost worth admitting
Though with some degree of shame
That your wife was right in asking
Why the hell you played the game?

Why you’d always rock home legless
Like a cow on roller skates
After drinking at the clubhouse
With your low down drunken mates

Then you’d wake up – check your wallet
Not a solitary coin
Drink Berocca by the bucket
Throw an ice pack on your groin

Copping Sunday morning sermons
About boozers being losers
While you limped like Quasimodo
With a half a thousand bruises!

Yes – an urge to hug the porcelain
And curse Sambuca’s name
Would always pose the question
Why the hell you played the game!

And yet with every wound re-opened
As you grimly reminisce it
Comes the most compelling feeling yet
God, you bloody miss it!

From the first time that you laced a boot
And tightened every stud
That virus known as rugby
Has been living in your blood

When you dreamt it when you played it
All the rest took second fiddle
Now you’re standing on the sideline
But your hearts still in the middle

And no matter where you travel
You can take it as expected
There will always be a breed of people
Hopelessly infected

If there’s a teammate, then you’ll find him
Like a gravitating force
With a common understanding
And a beer or three, of course

And as you stand there telling lies
Like it was yesterday old friend
You’ll know that if you had the chance
You’d do it all again

You see – that’s the thing with rugby
It will always be the same
And that, I guarantee
Is why the hell you played the game!

Have a good weekend and a merry Festive Season, see you at Big Game 7?