February Meeting – SABA


SABA Thai Restaurant on Saint Thomas street has a great and well justified reputation for serving excellent authentic food. They also sell some very good bottled Thai beers such as Singha. It would be good to have a large turnout for this so we would have exclusive use of the ground floor of the building.

THE EVENING – Thu 21 Feb

We  meet  at 7pm in the SCARBOROUGH FLIER  on St Nicolas Street. This place is one of the best for choice of beers and some fine lagers and is surprisingly cheap. It is also an ideal meeting place.

At 7.30pm we stroll 100 yards to the Thai SABA Restaurant and we have a reservation for 30 blokes ( or more) to eat at 8.pm We have ordered a fabulous special set meal based on the Restaurant’s advice which we will really enjoy, all washed down with an excellent bottle of cold Singha beer. 

There will be some business to conduct after the meal

Burns Night Meeting

The meeting was held this year at the new restaurant called “Nineteen09” at the new Scarborough TEC on Filey Road, Scarborough.

The 41 Club members were joined by ten members of Round Table and the total attendance on the night was forty.

Once members had sampled the drinks in the bar, the organisers Tom Cathcart and John White, asked for us all to be seated.  The haggis was then piped into the restaurant with a procession including our Chairman and Dave Henderson, who was wearing a Scottish hat and wig for this spectacle.

The piper excelled himself with the pipe playing and the address to the haggis which was warmly welcomed by the members.

We enjoyed a superb three course meal which was followed by cheese and biscuits and coffee.  Ian Cocker then gave a whisky tasting and talk.

The training staff and tutors came into the restaurant afterwards to receive a round of applause for all their hard efforts.

 A great night was had by all. 

After the meal a new member of Scarborough Round Table was inducted by the Chairman, Jim McCann, who used the new sword that had been presented to the club by the Aalten Round Table from Holland.

Who is Santa?

41 Club help Table with the Santa sleigh. (Details in news)

Sleigh raises tidy sum

Message from Mike. So although I wasn’t able to be Santa due to Santa having to have a new knee operation in November. I did help Ben Kitto (RT88) to sort replacements out etc.
The result was that there was enough 41ers and FARTs to fill in for Santa, Rudolph and the Elves. 
So the children were not let down after all
and in the end they collected a tidy sum of £3177.
Thank you to all of you that helped.

Vacancy for National Councillor

Hello Gentlemen,

Due to a resignation or retirement of a councillor.

We currently have a vacancy for a National Councillor in your Region.

If you are interested or feel someone in your club, would fit the role please let me know by completing the attached form and posting back or scan and email.

Tom Atkins – 41 Club National Councillors’ Liaison Officer councillorliaison@41club.org

Post:- 11 Dorchester Way Nuneaton CV11 6XB

If you have any questions please feel free to ring me 


Qualifications for Office:
Enthusiastic, have a sense of duty, carry out the role with pride, have a strong desire
to ensure a successful future of the Association, and above all to carry out the role
with responsibility, dedication,  sense of  humour and respect for his fellow
Councillors and Officers.

National Councillors must:

1. Be a fully paid up member of a constituted club in the Region applying for.                          2 . Live within the Region applying for.
3. Have adequate time to carry out the role
4. Be prepared to carry out the role for a period of a minimum of three years.
5. Be PC literate and have internet e-mail access which is regularly checked
6. Be able to travel to clubs within the Region and to National events.
7. Have relevant experience within Table or 41 Club i.e. held an Office at Club,
      Area or National level.

8. Attend a minimum of 75% of council meetings throughout the year.

9. Complete reports on visits and pass on information within the region

Walking Rugby – CANCELLED

Sports Officer Darren has arranged for any 41 Club member who would like to have a go at walking rugby to join the FARTS Meeting on Monday 4 February. Members wishing to attend should let Malcolm Smith know via email at mbs@norwav.com

Our next meeting is our first attempt at walking rugby, the rules of which are:

  • No running with or without the ball
  • Ball must be passed backwards
  • Ball must touch knee to start, restart game,
  • No overhead passing
  • Tackle is two handed touch, repeat touch’ to upper body.

Tom Gillon who runs the games at the rugby club is organising the night and will be on hand to explain everything and ref the game. To make the evening viable we need at least 10 players.

Tom has booked the First Scarborough Scout Group HQ on Maple Drive near Northstead Primary School. We meet at 6pm and have the facility until 7.30pm. After the game we adjourn to the rugby club for food and drinks.

Please let me know ASAP if you want to play and definitely no later than Friday 25th January.

I am assured by Tom it is a good laugh and not too strenuous and suggests those playing bring shorts, tee-shirt and trainers.

Important Message from Tom about Burns Night

The event is being held at Scarborough TEC which is on Filey Road i.e. NOT at the old site where Fledglings was. The entrance is round to the right of the building – NOT via the main entrance. Members need to supply their menu choices direct to Tom Cathcart at topcat14@icloud.com asap.

Flasher at Christmas Dinner

Well known local farmer flashes at successful Christmas Dinner.

Meals on Wheels

SATURDAY 9th February 2019
We are looking for 8 couples to revive MoW this year. We have had a lot of fun over the years with this and it deserves to be back on our social agenda.
Please note that this is NOT one of our 8 monthly meetings and is ex curriculum. Therefore if you want to take part you will need to let me know!
The Evening
The Starter course is from 6.15 to 7.00, the Main course is from 7.00 till 8.30 and the Pud course is from 8.30 to 9.30. We then all meet up at the same venue for coffee
The Rules
  1. You can provide your 6 guests with anything you like! Eg home cooking or a M&S takeaway!
  2. Your chosen venue could be eg a cafe and doesn’t need to be your home
  3. All that you will know beforehand is what course you are doing and how many guests you have (mostly 6)
  4. The nuts & bolts of how the evening works will be relayed to participants once there are sufficient volunteers (if that happens)
The organiser is TOM CATHCART so please contact him DIRECTLY if you are interested in taking part

January Meeting – Burns Night

BURNS NIGHT   Thursday 24th January 2019

Now that Christmas is out of the way there’s some time for our livers to recover before being doused yet again on Burns Night. For 2019 this will be a joint function with RT88 as it was last year. Traditional Scottish music will be heard all night (but not that dirge “O, Shower of Scotland” which wrongly identifies Edward II rather than Edward I who was known as “the Hammer of the Scots”)
The Venue
The venue is the superbly refurbished Trainee Restaurant at Scarborough TEC on Filey road called NINETEEN 09. Ideally we should get ourselves there between 6.30 and 6.45pm with a view to hitting the bar no later than 7.00.
The Evening
At 7.30, that kilted Scot Ian Duncan will bagpipe himself into our midst and then proceed to ADDRESS THE HAGGIS in his own inimitable style. A tot of whisky will be to hand.
The Menu
MacSween Traditional Haggis with Bashed Neeps and Tatties
Scotch Broth
MacSween Traditional Haggis with Bashed Neeps and Tatties, Parma Ham wrapped Asparagus Spears and Whisky Sauce
Scottish Beef and Stout Casserole, Bacon & Herb Dumplings, Pomme Purée and Sautéed Cabbage
Cranachan Cheesecake with Raspberry Coulis, Toasted Oats & Whiskey Cream
A Selection of Scottish Cheeses, Biscuits, Grapes, Celery and Chutney
** TO FINISH  **
Tea or Coffee served with a piece of Tablet (tr Scottish)
**  THE TOAST  **
Armed with a glass of Scotch Whisky there will be a Toast to THE BARD
Whisky Tasting
After the meal there will be a Whisky Tasting Session presented by very knowledgeable IAN COCKER, who will treat us to a taste of three different styles of nectar.
The more observant of our confraternity will no doubt spot that the menu choices should cope with:
A. Members who love haggis
B. Diners who only want a bit of it, and
C. Folk who hate the stuff!
By all means don a kilt if you wish, (does your sister have one you could borrow?) otherwise collar and tie please, as a mark of respect for The Bard
IT  IS VERY IMPORTANT that we know attendance numbers by 12 noon WEDNESDAY 16th January AND your food choice for Starters & Mains.  Please give details to Tom Cathcart by text to 07939 246202 or email to topcat14@icloud.com