National 41 Club Communication, May 2022

Dear fellow 41ers,
It is with great joy that I send you a link to the first International Newsletter in our new year. Our new communication manager Ray Hill has, with support of Fabian, made a great start and I hope you will all send Ray news from your part of the world. Please show the world that you “do stuff”, as our VP Barry says.
The link to the 41 INTERNATIONAL JUNE Newsletter:
We want you to “Make New Memories” by showing your ideas of things to do in your club or when going on a holiday. Why not include an international event with all the international friends you have?
41 INTERNATIONAL is your gateway to a world of friendship, and we hope the newsletter can inspire you to connect with fellow Tablers and 41ers abroad.
Looking forward to seeing your contributions to our Newsletter!
Tom Albrigtsen

2. A request to kindly participate in a survey on 41 INTERNATIONAL Communications
The motto of Round Table has always been Adapt, Adopt, Improve and with that in mind the Board of 41 INTERNATIONAL want to improve the communications throughout the 41er world, and to start the ball rolling we are asking for your help. For the month of June we are conducting an online survey of members’ impressions of 41 INTERNATIONAL communications.
The survey only takes a few minutes and is completely anonymous. We do not ask for any of your personal details and it will only be used for the purposes of this exercise.
The responses will be analysed during July and the results will be reported in the August 41 INTERNATIONAL Newsletter. The 41 INTERNATIONAL Board will use these results to formulate how we can improve communications to all 41ers.
Thanking you in advance for your participation.
CLICK HERE to complete the 2022 survey.

And from 41 Club;-

3. For those interested in the 41 Club Motorcycle Rally, 15th-17th July, in Kings Lynn, advertised in the May Newsletter – please note:
 The deadline for accommodation booking for the rally is Monday week (13th June). After this date there is no guarantee that rooms will be available; and the special tariff won’t be available. Please visit for full details.
4. My request in the May Newsletter for volunteers to assist with 41 Club Communication.
Thank you if you have volunteered to assist and contribute to our ever increasing Communications. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated – and if you haven’t but are contemplating whether to step forward or not, please do so. Carpe diem – as many hands make lighter work.
I’ll let you get back to your weekend now, thank you for taking the time to read this which is being sent to all members of 41 Club. 
 Yours in Continued Friendship and Continued Tabling Don MullaneNational Comms & I.T. OfficerThe Association of Ex-Round Tablers’ Clubs (41 Club)

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