Round Table National Conference Scarborough Local Committee, 1997

Many thanks to Iain Johnston for this photograph of a very elegant local team.

Iain is at the very back, third from the right. On his right shoulder and down a bit is Alec Cammish, a founder member of 1188, who by then had moved to Bridlington. David Gratton is above the right shoulder of the blonde lady. Some of you may remember John Cattaneo of Pickering Table (and the Forest and Vale Hotel) who moved to a hotel in Whitby, and who is above David’s left shoulder (with beard and glasses).

The names of any of the other participants would be welcomed.

Editor’s note: I have vague memories of assisting, as a 41 Club member, with the transport for the conference. Notably on the Saturday night/Sunday morning where we had on loan a fleet of top of the range Ford Galaxies as the conference taxis. I seem to recall finally stopping taking semi-inebriated Tablers back to their digs by about 5am and having a very early full English breakfast somewhere with the rest of the taxi team. We didn’t get posh jackets, though, and we had to give the Galaxies back afterwards.

Any other memories welcomed.

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