Being Frank: Chairman’s Message (January 2013)

Richard Frank

Richard Frank – Chairman

Dear Members,

Happy New Year!

First I would like to welcome back John White to the Club. John is an ex-88 Round Tabler and I am delighted that our future meetings will be graced by both his humour and sarcasm. I am sure his Twin-joined-@-the-hip mate, Tom Cathcart will be looking for support in his future year as Chairman. Nice to see you back John!

Presently I am finding our website a great help in keeping me informed and understand from the committee that it has reduced the amount of day-to-day work required of them. I am also aware that we are posting the “Newsletter” every month to 15 members. Therefore I am asking those 15 members, if we could finally move onto email only and our website for information. This would further reduce work-loads. Please could you consider this a Chairman’s request and please feel welcome to discuss with our geek (sorry Communications) team – Mike Shingler, Stuart Baines and Dave Henderson your concerns.

Last Meeting – I too am finding it difficult to cast my mind back (as Pete Calow), but I do distinctly remember plenty of tasty food, being squashed, good banter, a quiz that had obscure answers, yet another successful meeting and the cold walk home with Dave Henderson.

Next Meeting – I have been assured of a very good night of interesting presentations and recitals, plus the usual Scottish menu and the odd dram, so I look forward to Chairing the meeting at Beiderbeckes on Jan 24th!



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