Roll of past Scarborough Round Table 88 Chairmen

S D McCloy1935-6
F Winn1936-7
H D Tesseyman1937-8
J A T Hanlon1938
G S Hazell1938-9
H T Jackson1939-40
R K Rowntree1940-1
W Nockels1941-7*
J M Whittaker1947-8
H W Moss1948-9
W L Woodcock1949-50
W L Swinney1950-1
R H Watson1951-2
B Edwards1952-3
E V Appleton1953-4
A Slater1954-5
D I Steel1955-6
P Boyes1956-7
E J Pilgrim1957-8
R Huggins1958-9
W H Ellis1959-60
G T V Pindar1960-1
Colin Sedgwick1961-2
Arnold Wilson1962-3
John Ellender1963-4
Geoff Heselton1964-5
A E Squire1965-6
Peter Cooper1966-7
Mick Thorpe1967-8
Denis Chapman1968-9
John Poppleton1969-70
Maurice Finnigan1970-1
Geoff Winn1971-2
Jeremy Woodcock1972-3
Geoff Hill1973-4
John Mitchell1974-5
Martin Johnson1975-6
Jerry Harrow1976-7
Mike Holliday1977-8
Chris Coole1978-9
Gordon Truefitt1979-80
Richard Gretton1980-1
Andrew Boyes1981-2
Richard Grunwell1982-3
Peter Wilkinson1983-4
John Edwards1984-5
David Kirkham1985-6
Peter Harriott1986-7
Richard Appleton1987-8
Barry Denton1988-9
Simon Ward1989-90
Tom Cathcart1990-1
David Duggleby1991-92
Ian Cocker1992-93
Nigel Sheppard1993-94
Steve Brown1994-95
Andrew Pindar1995-96
Michael Whiteley1996-97
Peter Calow1997-98
Andy Atkins1998-99
Simon Lockley1999-2000
Charles Saffman2000-01
Charles Saffman2001-02
Mark Laws2002-03
Dale Casson2003-04
Ben Kitto2004-05
Gordon Hayes2005-06
Richard Wells2006-07
Dominic Grunwell2007-08
Andy Moran2008-09
Alex Jowett2011-12
Jim McCann2012-13
Darren Wallis2014-15
Ben Kitto2015-16
Chris Redford2016-17
Asif Firfirey2017-18
Jim McCann2018-19
Stephen Molyneux2019-20

This represents the list of names gathered so far. Additional information welcomed to bring the roll up to date. Please let me know if any names have been mis-spelt (thanks to Geoff Winn for pointing out three errors in the original list from which this was copied).

Thank you to several 41 Club and current Table members for helping to fill in the various gaps in the record.

*Table activities were suspended on 16 October 1942 and resumed on 4 October 1946 (information from The Story of Scarborough Round Table)

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