Meetings have resumed

Scarborough 41 Club meetings have resumed since Septemberand are in full swing. Please see the Calendar or this website’s sidebar – further details of events will be announced as soon as they are received from the Catering Officer..

Scarborough 41 Club News

December 2021 Club Meeting: Christmas Gathering

Dom has confirmed that our next Club Meeting is a Christmas Gathering on Thursday, 16 December 2021 between 5.30 - 7.30 pm at the Crescent Hotel. This is a Club meeting, with partners. Drinks and nibbles included. If you cannot attend, please send your Apology in the usual way by noon on Friday, 10 December. If you are attending on your own, you need do no more. If you are attending with … [Read More...]

November 2021 Meeting Report, No 2 – The Green Room

Editor's note: In the finest tradition of Table/41 Club we have a second meeting report due to a cock-up on the communications front. Still, better two reports than none. And a website innovation: meeting reports now in stereo! There were 25 Members and 2 guests including a prospective new Member present at the Meeting in the Green Room on Bar Street on Thursday 18 November to welcome our Area … [Read More...]

November 2021 Meeting Report: The Green Room

The venue was The Green Room in Bar Street. The event was attended by a goodly number of members – (I say ‘goodly number’ because I forgot to actually count them) – plus Neil (Warburton), guest of Dom. Grace was delivered to a word-perfect standard by David H making the traditional barracking disappointingly difficult. We were then served an excellent meal of steak pie and chips followed by … [Read More...]

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41 Club National and Regional News etc

41 Club National October 2021 Newsletter

Please find attached a copy of the October 2021 41 Club Newsletter featuring the incredible Charles Montlake and much more plus here’s an invitation to join us this Wednesday at 7:30pm, for our next … [Read More...]

41 Club National and International Newsletters September 2021

You're waiting ages for 41 Club newsletters, and two come at once. They're mostly about the great idea of YAP Day. Young Ambassadors Program [“YAP”] Day, this Saturday morning, 11th September, from … [Read More...]

41 Club National Newsletter August 2021

Dear Member, Here’s another full newsletter loaded with details of activities and events, well done. I want to draw your attention in particular to The Big 41 Weekend which is effectively a mini … [Read More...]

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1188’s Record-breaking Sandcastle 1976

Many thanks to Andrew Wilson for forwarding these via Geoff Winn. Geoff has identified a number of the past members, and we went to the 1188 Oracle, Malcolm Smith for the remainder. Andrew … [Read More ...]

88 Barbecue, date unknown.

Two photographs from Andrew Wilson sent these two photos via Geoff Winn, who has tried to identify those present. No one, at present, seems to know when or where. Can you help? L-R: Dennis … [Read More ...]

88’s Walking Weekend to the Lakes – date unknown

Many thanks to Stephen Slade for these photographs and memories. If anyone has more photos of this event or can remember the dates, please let me know. This is one of the largest groups we ever … [Read More ...]

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