Meetings have resumed

Scarborough 41 Club meetings resumed as normal in September 2021 and are in full swing. Please see the Calendar or this website’s sidebar – further details of events will be announced as soon as they are received from the Catering Officer.

Scarborough 41 Club News

June 2022 Sports Meeting Report – Quoits

Sports report to follow but here is a taster of the three amigos arriving for the showdown at Beck Hole. … [Read More...]

May 2022 Meeting Report – AGM Part 2

The second part of our AGM was held on Thursday 26/05/22 at Geo’s Scarborough. The event was well attended, with the most notable attendee being incoming Chairman Pete Calow who had been forced to to miss the AGM Part 1.  Geo’s was an innovative choice of venue, with good food and service. However, there was quite a lot of background noise generated from the restaurant below, making … [Read More...]

May 2022 Meeting: Geo’s – slight change to pre-meet

We meet at Geo's (formerly Anton's) as originally planned. However there are now alternative plans as Seagrown cannot accommodate us. Read on. We now begin at the Leeds Arms at 6.30pm for those who wish to wet their whistles. As before, it's then Geo's at 7.30 for 8.00pm. Geo’s Restaurant, Foreshore Road, Scarborough, Cocktail Bar & Vibrant Dining, is slap bang on Scarborough seafront. … [Read More...]

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41 Club National and Regional News etc

National 41 Club Communication, May 2022

Dear fellow 41ers,It is with great joy that I send you a link to the first International Newsletter in our new year. Our new communication manager Ray Hill has, with support of Fabian, made a great … [Read More...]

41 Club National Newsletter, May 2022

The latest newsletter from National Download … [Read More...]

White Rose Dinner, 21 October 2022

Bookings are now open for this year's White Rose Dinner. The evening is being organised by Shipley 41 Club and we are planning a great evening of fun and fellowship and we'd be delighted to have … [Read More...]

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1188’s Record-breaking Sandcastle 1976

Many thanks to Andrew Wilson for forwarding these via Geoff Winn. Geoff has identified a number of the past members, and we went to the 1188 Oracle, Malcolm Smith for the remainder. Andrew … [Read More ...]

88 Barbecue, date unknown.

Two photographs from Andrew Wilson sent these two photos via Geoff Winn, who has tried to identify those present. No one, at present, seems to know when or where. Can you help? L-R: Dennis … [Read More ...]

88’s Walking Weekend to the Lakes – date unknown

Many thanks to Stephen Slade for these photographs and memories. If anyone has more photos of this event or can remember the dates, please let me know. This is one of the largest groups we ever … [Read More ...]

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