88 Barbecue, date unknown.

Two photographs from Andrew Wilson sent these two photos via Geoff Winn, who has tried to identify those present. No one, at present, seems to know when or where. Can you help?

L-R: Dennis Hart, Arnold Wilson (Andrew’s father), Geoff Heselton, Harold Wilson plus A N Other.

Geoff W comments on this photo, as follows: Brian Heaps, to the left, front. The ladies at the other side of the table (from left)   ?, Veronica Hart, Sheila Heselton,  ? . I recognise the late Mike Wilson who must have been a guest as he wasn’t in RT, but you will recall he was in Cavaliers. He is speaking to, I think, one of the M & S managers who we probably identified on an 88 AGM photo!  At the very back, to the right of the towel Brian is holding, is the late Geoff Baines, Stuart Baines’ father. Could the tall gent be Denis Chapman?

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