Scarborough 41 Club: Roll of past Chairmen

A list of past (and the present) Chairmen of Scarborough 41 Club kindly compiled by Simon Lockley

Chairmen prior to dates being recorded on the chain of office (most recent first):

R W Clarke

Johny Edwards

Chris Gray

J G Black

C J Coole

J R Gretton

J N ‘Harry’ Arundale

J J W Woodcock

Frank Smith

Brian Heaps

John Mitchell

Eric Rushforth

R Huggins

H C Robson

C G Hesleton

G A Strefford

R A Kenny

D H Bostock

G P Hodgson

R H D Quinlan

G H Smith

H W Dennis

D I Steele

R W Anderson

W H Ellis

 R K Rowntree

P Boyes

V V Marshall

J W Secker

 E V Appleton

 M L T Plows

E P Evans

E J Pilgrim

J M Whittaker

F Winn

W E Hopwood

W L Woodcock

S D McCloy

H D Tesseyman (Founder Chairman – 28 February 1957)

And then in date order (dates appear on the chain of office from 1997):

1997/98 Mike Shingler

1999/2000 S Green

2000/01 Eddie Gregory 

2001/02 Brian Pidd

2002/03 Simon Ward

2003/04 Roy Hendry

2004/05 Peter Wilkinson

2005/06 Tim Boyes 

2006/07 John White

2007/08 Iain Johnston 

2008/09 Peter Calow

2009/10 Simon Lockley 

2010/11 Stephen Slade 

2011-13 Richard Frank (two years in office)

2013/14 Tom Cathcart 

2014/15 David Henderson 

2015/16 Richard Grunwell 

2016/17 Gordon Hayes 

2017/18 Mark Laws

2018/19 Simon Lockley (second term in office)

2019/20 Stephen Slade (second term in office)

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