41 Club National Conference in Scarborough, 2010 – Evening News report

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Scarborough club helps to break charity record

  • The Scarborough News
  • 17 Apr 2010

MEMBERS of a Scarborough charitable organisation have raised nearly £140,000 for the Help for Heroes charity.

The Scarborough 41 Club, which is part of the national Round Table group, welcomed around 500 members from across the country to the town to celebrate the feat, which included donations from its 830 national groups and more than £23,000 from the women’s Tangent club.

The total, which smashed the group’s previous best fundraising effort, came as the club returned to Scarborough Spa for the first time in nearly 20 years to hold its annual national conference.

The group, which has 19,000 members across the country, is currently celebrating its 65th anniversary and welcomed members from as far away as Bournemouth, Ipswich and Scotland, though their hopes of hosting international visitors from Italy, Switzerland and Denmark were dashed following the cancellation of flights after the Iceland volcanic eruption.

National 41 Club president Richard Matthews and Tangent group president Jan Mulqueen handed over the cheque to soldier Simon Brown, and Scarborough 41 Club chairman, Simon Lockley, said the group were thrilled with their fundraising efforts.

He said: “Every year the national president of the 41 Club decides a charity to support and group is asked to donate to the cause and this year I think he got an extremely pleasant surprise because it is a fantastic amount.

“It is a tremendous charity because the conflicts that our soldiers are taking part in have touched the consciousness of a lot of people due to the horrific injuries some of them have sustained.

“Those soldiers now have to cope with the effects of those but the charity plays a fantastic role in helping to improve their lives and everyone was more than willing to put their hand in their pocket and support them.

“But this is a great day for the town too because we are privileged to be hosting the club’s AGM in Scarborough, it is the culmination of two years hard work and is fantastic to have so many visitors in the town.”

Scarborough Mayor Cllr Bill Chatt, added: “Scarborough is already well behind our troops and it is fantastic to see a national club getting behind our lads.”

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