Gathering of Past 88 Chairmen, 1995

This photo, kindly supplied by Tom Cathcart, is of the past Chairmen who attended the 60th Charter evening on 6 October 1995.

It was held at the Hotel St Nicholas, and included our Dutch guests from Aalten 88 for our regular twinning weekend, held at the same time.

As Tom says, they are standing in date order (nearly):

Back row (L-R): Martin Johnson, Geoff Hill, Jeremy Woodcock, John Poppleton, Mick Thorpe, Geoff Hesleton, Tom Pindar, Ron Huggins.
Middle row (L-R): Mike Holliday, Richard Gretton, Andrew Boyes, Richard Grunwell, John Edwards, Peter Wilkinson, Peter Harriott, Richard Appleton.
Front row (L-R): Andrew Pindar, Steve Brown, Nigel Sheppard, Ian Cocker, David Duggleby, Tom Cathcart, Barry Denton.

All the Chairmen’s men, version two, below. TC has kindly supplied another version of this pic taken by the professional photographer for the evening.

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