Summer Bar-b-que

5pm Saturday 11th August at Fishermans Cottage, East Ayton

The Club’s BBQ team i.e. Tom and John will be putting on a West Indies themed BBQ for Club members and wives in the lovely gardens of our hosts John & Jenny. Guests are welcome.

We hope you all like such as  jerk chicken, baked sweet potatoes and pineapple. And lots more. Vegan food available if there is demand.
As last year there will be a cash bar replete with Jamaican lager, beer and wine,.Also, bring your own wine if you wish – plenty of glasses
To encourage guests to arrive on time there will be bubbly served @ 5.30 which will be all gone by 6.00 !

Yourselves ??
Cannabis ??
Woolly green/red/yellow hats ??
Hawaiian shirts ??
Matching underpants ??
Tonton Macoute sunglasses ??
Normal sunglasses ??
Limbo dancing ability

Astonishing value at £15 pp to be paid in cash on the night
If you have arranged a holiday, a wedding or a funeral for that day THEN CANCEL IT NOW !

This is an OPT IN event so if you wish to attend then you will need to click on  the following .with details of guests dietary requirements etc….

AGM – The First Photos

Past Chairman Mark is not only a whizz at doctoring but he took photos of the AGM as well!!!


Quoits Meeting – Tues 29 May

A quoits evening of keen competition against FARTS and Round Table followed by a snack and beer on Tuesday 29th May. The meeting will be at the Birch Hall Inn, Beck Hole at 6.30-7.00pm . Each player to pay £5.00 each for use of the equipment which goes to the Quoits teams chosen charity..

April Meeting – The AGM Thursday 19 April

Gentlemen, please assemble in the bar of the hotel NO LATER than 7.15 because the AGM starts PROMPTLY at 7.30. The agenda for the meeting and the draft accounts will be on the chairs in the 1881 Restaurant which we have to ourselves. We eat at

Ham hock, mature cheddar cheese and pickled onion

with apricot and mint, sweet potato mash, pea a la
Francois and rosemary jus (gravy to you)

PUDDING    WARM STICKY PUDDING with vanilla ice cream

The wine on the table comes from Maule in Chile and i described by the hotel as ‘….. a Merlot with intense   fragrance and a mix of ripe fruit with a hint of oak( once the table wine has gone this can be bought at the specially agreed price of £19.95 a bottle)

DRESS CODE (No penguin suits)

Because this is the AGM and a pukka place to boot our illustrious Chairman Mark has requested that we wear ‘…. Lounge suits with shirt and tie preferably being around the neck..’ So, anyone currently using his tie to hold up his underpants will need to adjust his apparel.

A first look at the 2018/19 Programme

19th April 18 AGM Wrea Head Hotel
11th August 18 BBQ – West Indian – John & Jenny Edwards, Pay Bar, with partners. RT have been invited.
13th September 18 – SJT & George Michaels Book own tickets for theatre – Ayckbourn / Greek mezes
18th October 18 Trafalgar Night Details tbc + Business Meeting
8th November 18 – WW1 Armistice talk by Dave Henderson at Rugby Club + Business Meeting
Friday 23rd Nov 18 – Charity Night
20th December 18 – Christmas Meal The Plough
24th? January 19 Burns Night
21st February 19 – SABA
+ Business Meeting
14th March 19 – St George’s Day Yacht Club – Bombadier (Charles Wells) + Business Meeting
25th April 19 – AGM Crescent Hotel
Date tbc  Meal on Wheels,

Remember the AGM

The 41 Club AGM will be held at the Wrea Head Hotel on Thursday 19 April. Remember to get your red hot motions to secretary Mike well in advance. Come prepared to quiz the treasurer about the club’s offshore investments, and to ask Tom why we have not celebrated St. George this year. We expect that the new chairman will update us as to the latest on drugs, while we cogitate whether Dr. Mark will follow Dr. Gordon into retirement. Alternatively just come and make merry.

Last of the Summer Wine (41 Club)

It was early evening on the second Thursday of March, 2030 at the Marchesi Retirement home on Scalby road. Three of the newer residents, Fred, Dick, and Harry were sipping a half pint of shandy. They had used to walk to the nearby Nags Head but it had been revamped into a coffee shop some years ago, and beside the walk was now becoming a little strenuous for them.

Fred stirred, “we should be meeting our mates at 41 Club this evening for a good craic” he said. The others nodded sagely, “it folded two years ago” Dick mumbled a tear forming in the corner of his eye. “I remember those great evenings that young Cathcart organised, good food and great company always plenty to drink.“ Dick thought about those trips abroad to see his friends in Aalten.

The three stared at their drinks lost in a haze of pleasant memories. They remembered that 41 Club had simply withered for lack of new members. Harry exclaimed “and the shame is that we chose to let it die”. “Yes” said Fred, “we could have widened the membership, you remember those proposals back in 2018 to open membership beyond ex Tablers and perish the thought to our partners”. Dick nodded sagely, “but it was our choice, we did nothing, oh well time for Eastenders”

March Meeting Saint Patrick’s Feast

The theme for the evening is Ireland, past and present, and the meal is wholly Irish on purpose. After the meal there will be a short talk on Irish history which, amongst other things will explain the origins of Dublin Coddle and soda bread which we will be having

We meet up at the Yacht Club at 7.30pm. There will be a complimentary pint of Guinness at the bar on arrival but all subsequent drinks must be paid for. We eat approx 8.00pm


We start with ham and split pea soup with Irish soda bread.

We then move on to Dublin Coddle served with Colcannon (mashed spuds with cabbage)

Finally, cold apple pie served with cream

The food will be served from a “help yourself” table next to the kitchen.



Look, forget James Joyce (ed. I never remembered him Tom must have had a better education), the real story typifies mad Irish humour – it’s a song about a typical punch up at a funeral of all places! At Irish wakes it is customary for guests to get blathered and this happened in the song a copy of which will be provided – we will play The Clancy Brothers version of the song and lots of good!!!! Irish music during the evening.

As a concession to us we aren’t being charged for the hire of the Yacht Club but we are expected to lob donations into the RNLI bucket which will be on the bar, in lieu.


February Meeting – Chinese New Year

The Chinese have their own calendar where their New Year starts mid February and is based on the 12 year cycle of their Zodiac. This year is the Year of The Dog. Previous Dog Years were 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982 etc. Superstitious Chinese believe that bad luck attends during a Dog Year on anybody born in a previous Dog Year ! So watch out anyone born in 1946, 1958 etc!!
We will celebrate the New Year by a members AND PARTNERS trip to the beautifully refurbished TOPS Chinese restaurant opposite the Tap & Spile , Falsgrave on Thursday 15th February. This used to be The Red Dragon but has undergone a metamorphosis to emerge as Scarborough’s newest Szechuan Cantonese restaurant. It has very good reviews
THE PLAN – We meet from 6.30 onwards in the lounge bar of the Tap & Spile. We then make our way over to the restaurant c 7.30 to eat a set banquet menu at 8.00pm. (There is a small bar in the restaurant if you prefer
EXCLUSIONS – We are pleased to confirm that there are NO doggy parts on the menu but if you wish to savour a canine repast then please speak with the restaurant proprietors directly. However 41 Club accepts no responsibility for anyone barking or growling the following day.
PROTOCOL- However much you may have enjoyed your meal PLEASE refrain from asking for a doggy bag at the end.

Please use the Opt-In form at

Mark’s Chinese New Year Greetings

Welcome to February (we’re already through the 1st month- time does pass quicker with age!)
Our next event is a banquet to celebrate the Chinese New Year 16th February-( this is the official date not the day of the banquet!) as usual it follows the 12 year animal cycle and this year it’s the year of the Dog ( Chow Mein anyone?) apparently dogs sound different according to  different languages eg in China they make a sizzling noise!  sorry more non politically correct stuff to follow
The Chinese celebrate the Lunar new year or Spring festival and the message is for families to come together and wish each other peace and prosperity.
The date changes with the lunar calendar and normally falls between 21st Jan and 20th Feb.

There were 3 brothers from China Bu, Chu and Fu who moved to the USA they decided to change their names.
Bu changed his name to Buck
Chu changed his name Chuck
And Fu
Well he decided to go back to China.
So what do you call a Chinese millionaire ‘ Cha Ching’

Hong Kong Dong- a man came to see his GP complaining that his penis was developing a bend in the middle. The GP ran a series of tests and when the man came back for the results the GP asked ‘ Have you been to the Far East recently?’ ‘ Why yes ‘ replied the man ‘ and did you have sex while over there?’ The man looked worried and said ‘ maybe once or twice’ The GP developed a grave expression ‘ That’s what I was afraid of , you have a new condition called Hong Kong Dong’ The man gulped ‘is there a cure?’ ‘We’ll sort of but only by an operation ‘ ‘What kind of operation?’ Well we have to cut off your penis
‘Wow I think I need a second opinion ‘ so he was referred to a Urologist who heard the same story examined the man ran some more tests and he got the same diagnosis and opinion. Gulp!
In desperation he went to see a Dr in Scalby for a final opinion he confirmed that it was in fact ‘Hong Kong Dong’ and said ‘ I’m sorry it’s incurable ‘So I’m going to have to get that operation then’ said the man.
At which the jovial Scalby Dr broke into laughter ‘What’s so funny Dr?’ ‘ You mean I don’t have to have surgery?’
‘ of course not ….. just wait a couple of weeks and it will fall off by itself!’

May the bonds of our friendship never rust

Yours in 41 club