1188’s Record-breaking Sandcastle 1976

Many thanks to Andrew Wilson for forwarding these via Geoff Winn. Geoff has identified a number of the past members, and we went to the 1188 Oracle, Malcolm Smith for the remainder.

Andrew Wilson primed for action.

L-R: George MacIntyre, Geoff Parvin, Tim Boyes (below), John Cook, Frank Smith peeking in.

L-R: Simon Green, Andrew Wilson, Alex Johnson

L-R: Mike Leadbeater, Andrew Wilson, Junior Member (name unknown), Alex Cammish

George MacIntyre

L-R: Alec Cammish (at back with beard), Jeff Black, Tim Boyes, Neil (Harry) Arundale (with glasses), Alex Johnson (at back looking at Tim), Frank Smith (under bucket), John Cook, Andrew Wilson (in hat), Alan Comerie, Geoff Parvin (headless).

We have no idea (yet) who is the head without a body at the front.

L-R: Alex Johnson, John Cook, Geoff Parvin

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