Chairmans Report

Ho, Ho , Ho!

Well I went to Google and typed “41 club Scarborough” and guess what…… the relevant website was at the top of the first page! So I took a reasonable coffee break at work to investigate. Dave (Henderson), what a great asset you are turning out to be in our club, I love both the simplicity and sophistication of the site and can easily see a lot of thought has gone into it. I read the past satirical meeting reports, learnt how to register an apology to an upcoming meeting, read the “FUN” section where there are some great jokes!, read the Club’s news, etc. I even successfully explored the calendar of events! However I still could not find the date and venue of our next meeting?! To my knowledge it is on Dec 13th, however unsure where. So I look forward to chairing your next meeting and hope that it is as good our last successful meeting no matter where it is!



A Happy Christmas to you all and your families.


Richard, the meeting date was on the website if you search in the appropriate way (Ed) !