Ed leaves Scarborough for Dorset

Dear All

I have had a very typical message from Ed Nelsey, a Table and 41 Club (not to mention many others) stalwart, that he is to leave Scarborough this month (August 2014).

Ed is moving down to Dorset for very good family reasons which many of us are aware of and, whilst he says he will miss our local ales, he says they do make some strong scrumpy, the Coach and Horses is only 2 minutes walk and there’s a white line he can follow to his new flat.

Ed thanks all members of 41 Club for all the help and comradeship he has been shown as, he says, the current “oldest FART” in town.

He hopes to join similar clubs in Wimborne (about 5 miles from Poole).


In reply:

Dear Ed

On behalf of 41 Club, and on a very personal level, I am very sorry that you are leaving Scarborough. Although I fully understand the personal and family reasons why you do so, and I don’t think anyone would want to try to persuade you otherwise (except maybe the second oldest FART in town, whoever he is), you will be a very great loss to our Clubs.

I can look back on some great fun and fellowship in your company over the years, and I can reassure you without doubt that you will be very much missed by all of us. You have always shown to some of the younger members what a proper commitment to Table, 41 Club and FARTs really means.

My only disappointment, is that we haven’t had a proper chance to say goodbye to each other. I hope you can find time before I relinquish the chair this year to come back oop noorth on one second Thursday to say a proper goodbye to all your very great friends in 41 Club.

Please say “yes” to that. It’ll be a great evening.

All the very best for the move, and I am sure, knowing you, that you’ll soon be a fixture in Wimborne in all the usual haunts.

Take good care and I hope we hear from you soon.

Very best wishes




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