May meeting – BBQ at Ian Burnett’s Farm (Ripleys Farm, Harwood Dale)


Attached is the list of people who have said they are coming and those who have apologised. As you can see, there are a lot of gaps! As I am away from the 11th May to the 22nd May, people need to let me know by the 9th if they are coming or not. Steaks are being ordered individually so no booking, no steak!

Can you send this out to remind people thanks.

BBQ 23rd May 2013 Numbers as at 1st May- Please e mail by the 9th May

D Ashcough
S Baines 2
P J Berry 1
G Bloor
A P Boyes
T J Boyes
I Brabbs
I Burnett 2
P Calow 2
D Casson
T J Cathcart No
D H Chapman
R Clark 2
P Coopland
I Costello
R A Coulson 1
B Davidson
B Denton
D Duggleby
J Q Edwards 2
K Ferrie No
M C Finnigan
R Frank 2
F M Garvey
R Green
R L Grunwell
D A Hart
P Harriott
G Hayes 2
B H Heaps No
D Henderson 1
R Hendry
G B Hill 2
F B Hodgson
M D Holliday No
J Hughes
I Johnston 2
S N Lockley
R Lumby
D E Kirkham No
T Marshall
R Miller
J B Mitchell No
E Nelsey 1
G W L Parvin
B C Pidd No
P J M Priestley No
D E Rhodes
M Rought Brooks 2
C Saffman
J Senior
N C Sheppard
M Shingler 2
S Slade 2
M B Smith
C Tate
M Tetley
C M Thorpe
S Ward 2
J White 1
M Whiteley
P Whittaker No
P J Wilkinson No
G F Winn
J D Wray

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