Meeting Report October

Oh, What a lovely War
Definitely not, but our esteemed Chairman Mr Henderson who stood in for our invited speaker on the bombardment of Scarborough on short notice gave a revealing talk providing a different view point on the make up of forces involved in the war, casualties incurred and living conditions. It was certainly an eye opener to those who of us who get there information on the War from films, TV extra.
David also brought along examples of munitions to be found even today on the battlefields of Belgium and France, some of them unexploded. Fortunately for the Rugby Club first aid staff the evening did not go with a bang!
The meal was good although standard 41 club food, meat and two veg and apple crumble, the December meeting will provide and enjoyable foray into the world of Asian eating.
All in all the October was the usual first class meeting with Mr Henderson stepping into the breach admirably!

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