Shinglers bit for the AGM

Mike Shingler

Mike Shingler – Secretary

Dear all,
Well you’ll be pleased to know that I will be standing in for our chairman Richard at next week’s AGM.
This is due to the fact that he’s had a better offer and so he’s off to Barcelona with Daph for a few days.
I intend running a free bar for the night and as its Richards place, I’ll say he’s picking up the tab!
Indeed this might encourage one or two of you have not attended much (if at all) this year to come along and welcome your new chairman Tom in.
Mind you if that fails, I’ll try and persuade Tom to pick up the tab.

Other than that we are due to have a couple of inductions for Mark Laws and Mike Rought-Brooks, but this is yet to be confirmed.

So I hope to see at least some of you at the Crown Spa next Thursday.

Your ageing secretary Mike Shingler