Shingler’s Bit (January 2013)

Mike Shingler

Mike Shingler – Secretary

Happy New Year to you all.

My role as your long suffering secretary is becoming less suffering all the time these days, due to our Website taking over a lot of the more mundane functions.

One of them being was in sending out meeting reminders to the 15 members who still don’t have internet access or don’t wish to use it for Scarborough 41 Club information.

However the last of these monthly letters were posted out in December which gave the details of forthcoming meetings.

I have received a request from John White to re-join Scarborough 41 Club. Now as he was a previous member and resigned due to personal matters, he is perfectly entitled to re-join.

So as such I wish, on your behalf, to welcome John back into our club (so that he can help Tom during his year in the chair!).

Mike Shingler

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