Shingler’s bit “Movember update !”

Well it’s now 1st December and I’m about to shave off my Movember Moustache.

However it was certainly worth it, as with the great help of the £500 donation from Scarborough 41 Club (many thanks Franklyn and Peter W) and the equally generous donation from Dr. Gordon Hayes (who also grew a moustache) of £326. Apparently he bribed his patients, otherwise he wouldn’t treat them.

So my total to date is £1419 plus £341 gift aid making a grand total of £1760.

Just for the record I will me informing 41 Club National of this figure.

I do not know when the web site is closed down but in the meantime if anyone else wishes to donate; my page is:

Regarding the Round Table Sleigh. Thank you to those of you are helping with Santering Pulling and elving.

Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year to you all.

Mike Shingler

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