Shinglers bit

Regarding our members Directory. Those of you who attended the December meeting at Jeremy’s were given an up to date Directory. I was intending to send out the rest in the post but “I forgot”. So we will now send out to all those members who did not attend Jeremy’s.
As for the idea that we combine our Directory with that of Round Table, I believe we should discuss this at the next appropriate meeting as:
1. Some members might not want their personal details being circulated to members of the Round Table.
2. The Round Table list virtually every meeting venue and activity in their Directory for the year. Whereas we normally don’t know where we are more than a couple of meetings ahead. (No disrespect meant Simon).

For your information the money Round Table Sleigh collected in December plus some of the monies not distributed from the previous year needs to find worthy causes to spend it on. They are looking largely to help children and young people from a few pounds to a few hundred pounds. So if any member knows of a worthy cause (not for example, free drinks for all members at the next meeting!). Could they let me know or alternatively log onto Yorkshire Coast Radio’s website and register your suggestion there.

Mike, still your secretary, Shingler.

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