TC’s festive bit

My Swedish friend Rude Ulf was having a heated argument with his Russian neighbour as to whether the sleet that was falling was rain or snow. Rude felt that it was snow whereas the Russian felt that it was rain. Rude’s wife was called to adjudicate. She held out her hand, felt the precipitation and said,

“Rude Ulf, the red knows rain, dear”

Talking about reindeers, nobody had a redder nose than Mike Shingler acting as Santa Claus on the Round Table Christmas sleigh last night. (Mind you, his nose was red even before he got on the sleigh). I towed the sleigh and, despite rumours to the contrary (which are vigorously denied), I did not have a red nose.

I don’t know how many times Mike announced the following words on the microphone:-

“Have you been good, children? Bye, bye. I will be back on Christmas Eve…”

Those last few words sounded more like a threat to me rather than a promise! Which kid in his right mind would want Mike Shingler’s ugly face peering through a frosted window on Christmas Eve? The thought is enough to give a poor kid nightmares! Think of Jack Nicholsons in “The Shining”!

Anyway, the Season of Goodwill approaches and whilst the mid-winter festival has it’s origins in pre-Christian paganism, nevertheless there is a marvellous amount of goodwill and generosity spread about over the period.

Jessica and I would like to extend to all the members of 41 Club and their wives a hearty Season’s Greetings. I hope you all have a very happy Christmas with family and friends and enjoy a healthy and prosperous New Year.

Tom Cathcart