Tom’s last bit

Dear all

I love St Patricks Day.  3 of my 4 grandparents were Irish (I hope it doesn’t show) and that is probably why.

Now I know St Patricks Day has come and gone but my mate Paddy told me he thought 17 April was the anniversary.

Be god be gorra (he said) I know I saw Tom Cathcart and half of 41 Club necking guinness in The Merchant on 17 March but I thought it was just cos TC likes guinness, so I did (and so he does).

Anyway, the said Paddy went to his opticians.

Doctor he said me eyes hurt, I can’t see far.

His optician calls him outside and points at the sun.  Can you see that Paddy he says.

Be jesus, so I can Doctor, that’s the sun.

Well said the optician, the sun is 93 million miles away.  Just how far do you want to see Paddy?

So the AGM approacheth, formal dress and all at Beiderbeckes on 18 April, i.e. Paddy’s St Patricks Day plus 1 (poor Paddy who thought that Muffin the Mule was a sexual offence).

I hope all the members of 41 Club have enjoyed this year as much as I have, and I only wish I had saved one of my few missives to take the P… out of the Welsh as well.

Heres to an excellent AGM, full details of which will be circulated to our esteemable members by Simon and Mike.

Tom Cathcart


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