1188’s First Charter Night with Founder Members, 1976

Many thanks to Geoff Winn and Malcolm Smith for the two images.

1 Colin Woodhead 2 Geoff Parvin 3 Ian Forbes 4 Ian Peace 5 Harry (Neal) Arundale 6 Andrew Wilson 7 Alex Johnson 8 John Cook 9 Mike Wardle 10 Malcolm Smith 11 Roy Morris 12 John Marshall 13 Derek Rourke 14 Barry Jackson 15 Chris Gray 16 Richard Clarke 17 Ken Ball (Vice Chairman) 18 Jeff Black 19 Mike Leadbetter 20 Frank Garbutt 21 Colin Hurd 22 Paul Tomlinson 23 Dave Anderson 24 Alec Cammish 25 George McIntyre 26 Basil Barber 27 Frank Smith (inaugural Chairman) 28 Ron Walker 29 Alan Keith 30 Tim Boyes

Absent founder members: Simon Green and Nigel Clarke.

This is believed to have been held at the Castle Hotel, Queen Street.

With grateful thanks to Tim Boyes and to Malcolm Smith for sharing the numbered guide and remembering all the names of the attendees.

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