88’s 60th Charter and Aalten visit Vampires, 1995

This is from the Henderson archive.

This is a photo of vampirettes Ros Gregory and Wendy Henderson (Thompson).

We had arranged for our Dutch visitors to be taken by coach for a day trip to Whitby on Saturday, 6 October 1995. The coach was asked to halt at a pre-arranged lay-by stop on the northern edge of Hawsker.

Five vampires – Ros and Wendy, Eddie Gregory, Ian Cocker and David Henderson leapt out of the bushes and swarmed around the bus.

We climbed into the bus and demanded that they bring out their virgins or everyone would have to drink some other blood! Of course, there were no virgins available so everyone had to drink a glass of Bloody Mary which we had prepared in advance and served to them.

Good fun which, of course, our Dutch guests loved and it set them up for their day in Whitby.

We have some more photos of the vampires, but first we have to find them.

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