AGM 2014 photos and brief report

The AGM was a successful event held at Beiderbecke’s on the Crescent on 17 April 2014.

Chairman Tom led his final meeting with aplomb, although there was at the outset an unseemly dispute with the Secretary on how many AGMs had been held. Both pleaded alcoholic forgetfulness in mitigation.

Council officers gave excellent reports of their year in office. Except perhaps for Simon Lockley whose threats to those for not joining 41 Club nodded rather too much in the direction of the Godfather. I just hope he has enough horse’s heads.

Mike Shingler apologised to the Club for not having any minutes for the previous AGM, as he said he hadn’t taken them when acting as acting Chairman, acting Vice Chairman, acting acting Secretary and virtually every other role in 41 Club at the time. However, it subsequently transpired that he had delegated the minute taking to Iain Johnson but had forgotten that, and that he had been sent them by Iain. Perhaps he should have delegated someone to remind him of the fact?

TC summarised his year as very enjoyable, and gave each of his supporting officers a bottle of wine with the exception of Henderson who got a used pair of Man City underpants. David’s life, previously empty, is now fulfilled.

TC presented the newly-arrived sideboard-ware trophies to Stuart and David for winning best national 41 Club website award at the Llandudno Conference in 2013.

TC then proceeded to induct David Henderson as the new Chairman for 2014-15, then proceeded further to drink himself horizontal.

David’s first act was to thank the Club for the great honour of being its chairman, and to look forward to a great 41 Club year. One of the key themes would be to build better links with Table and to ensure that we do not lose ex-Tablers without at least giving them a taste of 41 Club.

TC received his ex-Chairman’s jewel for a job very well done.

Three new members were inducted: Pete Moss, an ex 1188er who had been in 41 Club previously; Alex Jowett of Scarborough 88; and Andy Moran who had been in Scarborough Round Table since Adam were a lad with 22 years service. They were each asked to introduce themselves to the Club but Pete Moss decided to have a walk around the further reaches of the dining room instead.

A fine evening was concluded with many members remaining for fellowship in the Bar afterwards.


Quick – pretend you are enjoying yourself


Disbelief at the display of TC’s underwear


2.5% reverse capitalisation of key assets had a negative variable effect on the leverage rate of return on liquidity ………… zzzz

If only we had a Sergeant at Arms he would have been fined well. That grey tie is just not on.

If only we had a Sergeant at Arms he would have been fined well. That grey tie is just not on.


Trying to hide behind the figures


A glass act


Editor in chief Stuart tries to get his award off TC


Tom looks relieved to hand on command


TC gets gonged for a great year


Three new members at the “Drop the Badge” ceremony


“What do I do next? Oh yes, give him the badge'”


Trying to look fascinated at the proceedings

Trying to look fascinated at the proceedings

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