Appeal from Gordon Hayes: Westway Food Bank

A massive thank you for all the very generous donations to Westway Open Arms food bank in Eastfield – it really does make a huge difference. In excess of 80 emergency food bags are being distributed weekly – thank you again for making this possible.

We are currently running desperately short of the items listed below – some shelves have now completely run out.

Please note we are unable to store and handle fresh fruit and vegetables.

Food donations can generally be presented to the main entrance between 10am and 12 noon on Monday and Tuesday, or between 4pm and 6pm on Wednesday and Thursday. Alternatively I’m happy to have things left with me and I’ll take them across. There is a yellow box by my front door to drop things in – I can sort it from there.

With many thanks again – and please share ?


Tins of corned beef
Tins of tuna
Pasta sauce
Jars of curry sauce
Tinned custard
Tinned fruit
Tinned carrots
Packets of dry potato
Tinned rice pudding
Tins of meat free pasta
Tins of meat curry
Tinned meat pies
Long life fruit juice
Plastic bags with the strong handles

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