Christmas Greetings from Mark

Happy Christmas to all 41 Club members and their partners. I hope you all have a plan to avoid the worst ravages of the build up to Xmas which seems to start earlier every year.

Last week one of our patients decided to try our new drive through dispensary which was a concept I only came up with after the event. Luckily no one was seriously injured I thought the car in question must have literally flown to get to where it ended up. This made me think of the Jetsons one of my favourite cartoons from the 1970’s. They predicted flying cars and as a child then I expected that by 2017 we’d all be driving/ flying around. I’m sure Mr Dyson or Musk are on to it .

Thanks to all who organised, attended and contributed to the extremely successful charity evening held at Scarborough Rugby Club in aid of Scarborough Disabled Swimming, the evening featured dancing and music by along with an entertaining interlude by “Twylight“ a high quality entertainment package including a large choir at the start of the evening and continuing to dancers and singer as the evening progressed, Twilight added sparkle to a well-attended event.
‘The evening also included a short play ‘The Carol Police’ written by Keith Johnson which gave a light-hearted take on how traditional carols could be viewed by over-zealous officialdom. The play – which has a clever twist at the end – was produced by arrangement with ‘Pint-size plays’.

A great evening was had and a total of £ 1600 was raised for the local charity which is Scarborough Disabled Swimming, the charity helps people with a disability and their family/carers access the benefits of swimming, may this be through swimming for leisure, sport or rehabilitation.

Seasons Greetings


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