December 2013 meeting update

The next meeting is at Jeremy’s, 33 Victoria Park Ave, YO12 7TR on the 12th at 7.30pm.

As there appears to be continued slippage in members not apologising and not attending, it is getting more difficult to get good deals with the catering establishments, so please make every effort to apologise if you are not going to be there. We have tried to get a better idea of numbers by asking at November’s meeting who would be attending December’s.

The following have already signalled that they are attending: Ashcough, Bloor, Burnett, Cathcart, Costello, Edwards, Grunwell, Hill, Hughes, Johnston, Kellett, Laws, Nelsey, Priestley, Shingler, Slade, Tetley, Ward, Whiteley and Wilkinson.

If this provides us with more accurate numbers then we may continue this idea. Please let either of your catering officers know your thoughts.

January’s meeting is on the 23rd Jan 2014 and is a Burns Night Celebration at the Crown Spa.




  1. Dennis Hart says:

    I WILL be attending the evening at Jeremy’s.
    Kind regards,