December 2015 Curry Night Meeting

The December meeting involved a “festive” meal at Scarborough’s Eastern Paradise, excellent food

as ever although the service was a bit slow. Plenty of Poppadoms and the usual pickle tray and a

good and varied banquet.

Unfortunately for Simon the catering officer non apology attendance was high leaving five empty

seats, please make sure you apologise to save you money and the club the embarrassment at the


The Treasure being on his hols those attending were able to keep their loose cash in their pocket

with no charity box to do the rounds.

The chairman reminded members that the next me

eting is Burns’ Night on 14 January 2016 which will

be the black tie



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  1. Richard Coulson says:

    Simon should not continue to be embarrassed each month by members who do not have the common decency to apologise for non-attendance.

    Can I suggest that non-apologisers be named each month in the Newsletter and a fine of £100 be imposed for each non-apology, plus the cost of the meal? Maybe that will sort out the problem.

    It is not rocket science to give an apology!

    By the way, when is the Treasurer going to issue the Members statements for 2014/15 and issue a cheque to me for the enormous amount of money that the Club owes me????? It is over nine months since the year end !! What is the problem??