Geordie Fun Time from Chairman Mark

Why does a Geordie lass wear woolly knickers?
– To keep her ankles warm

What’s the difference between a Geordie and a supermarket trolley?
– The trolley has a mind of its own

How many Geordies does it take to change a lightbulb?
– None – they’re quite happy living in the shadows

The Seven Dwarfs are down the mines when there is a cave in. Snow White rushes to the entrance and shouts down. In the distance she hears a voice shouting out ” Newcastle are going to win the Premiership “. Snow White says ” Well at least Dopey’s alive ”

What do you do if a Geordie throws a grenade at you?
– Pull the pin and throw it back

Two Geordies are walking along. One of them picks up a mirror, looks in it and says ” I know that bloke ” The second one picks it up and says ” of course you do, you thick tw&t – it’s me! “

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