How to use the Index

It was originally intended that this Index should be helpful, if not instructive, to the ordinary reader as well as to the crossword expert. To gain the maximum benefit from it, however, it is necessary for both types of reader to observe the following simple rules:

Page 78 in the Index really means page 79. Page 79 in the Index really means page 81. Page 80 in the Index really means page 82. This is fairly clear, but what will fox all readers is that when the Index says page 81 it can mean any page from 83 onwards.

Digital addition to help referencing

Chapter 1: The First Year 1934-35 pp 1-9
Chapter 2: From National Conference 1937, to International Conflict 1939 pp 10-17
Chapter 3: The Ladies, 1937-39 pp 18-20
Chapter 4: The Difficult Years, 1946-52 pp 21-25
Chapter 5: The Developing Years, 1953-56 pp 26-32
Chapter 6: The Second Scarborough Conference, 1956 pp 33-39
Chapter 7: Projects, 1957-61 pp 40-45
Chapter 8: The Third Scarborough Conference, 1962 pp 46-50
Chapter 9: Further Projects, 1963-68 pp 51-60
Chapter 10: International, the Three 88s pp 61-65
Chapter 11: Roundabout pp 66-71
Chapter 12: What Now? pp 72-76
Appendix I: Officers of the Scarborough Table
Appendix II: Members of the Scarborough Table holding National Office
Appendix III: Community Service
Appendix IV: The Area

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