January 2020 Meeting: Chinese New Year Banquet

Welcome to our function to celebrate the Chinese New Year to be held at TOPS Chinese Restaurant on Falsgrave Road (opposite the Tap & Spile). The event is at 7.30pm on Thursday, 23 January and the zodiac sign is The Year of the Rat! However, rodents of any sort do not appear on the menu. We promise. Rat entrail pie of the sort we all ate as students many years ago will also definitely not be served. Any attendee called Roland will get a 3% discount.

The Evening
We sit down to eat at 7.30pm promptly and therefore meet beforehand in the excellent aforementioned Tap & Spile pub which serves Timothy Taylor’s Landlords Beer – Richard Grunwell’s favourite beer! Lounge bar is on the right. This is a joint function between 41 Club and our younger brothers in RT88. It is also open to The Ladies of Club members who are very welcome.

The Banquet
The management have put together a fabulous varied selection of Chinese food where one secret dish is being specially cooked for us. All drinks must be paid for separately.

The Starter: crispy spring rolls, fen chicken, satay skewers and Szechuan spare ribs. Yummy. Second Course: Aromatic crispy duck with pancakes, spring onion, cucumber and TOPS special sauce. Main Course: Char Sui (roast pork) with Pak Choi, Duck with plum sauce, Szechuan king prawn, Kung Po chicken and a Special 5th course being specially prepared for us. Sides : special fried rice and Singapore noodles.

1. Do not eat anything for 5 days before the event otherwise you risk bursting at the seams
2. Please do not during the course of the evening refer to rats, mice, hamsters, gerbils or guinea pigs (all members of the Muridae rodent family) unless you want to be thrown out on your ear.

Please note that neither the management of TOPS nor your Catering Officers accept any responsibility if you are seen scurrying off home after the event and grow beaver front teeth by Easter.

Cost per Head
Specially negotiated price of £21.50 per head.

Opt in
Please note that this is an Opt In meeting. Please only use the Opt-in form on this website to notify your attendance to the Catering Team and to formally record your (and your partner’s) attendance at the meeting. Please do so by noon on Friday, 17 January 2020.

Many thanks

Your Catering Team

Image by gingertea from Pixabay

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