March 2017 meeting report: National President’s visit

The March 2017 Scarborough 41 Club meeting took place at the Copper Horse, Seamer. As ever, we were treated to excellent food: beginning with the Copper Horse’s paté for starters with the Copper Horse’s speciality mini-wholemeal loaf; followed by true Yorkshire Beef and Yorkshire pudding; and sticky toffee pudding and ice cream for pud.

For the first time I can remember the numbers booked for meals were spot on!

We were visited by an esteemed guest speaker: 41 Club National President, Barry Durman. Barry gave an interesting and entertaining update on National’s priorities this year which which include international, charitable, and community service events  and supporting his chosen charity of Shelter. Barry reported that there are some 400 clubs at the current time.

Barry mentioned a deal which might be of benefit to any 41 Club members: a 20% discount on Hyundai cars.

Barry kindly presented our Gordon with a framed photo of Louis Marchesi.

Stuart Baines
Scarborough 41 Club Roving Reporter

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