March Meeting – England and St. George

Thursday 14 March

Ok, we all know that our Patron Saint’s anniversary day is 23rd April (actually, do we all know that ?) but that is just after we have gone into our summer recess! What a nuisance! So, rather than have a Welsh Day on 1st March (bet you didn’t know that either!) we are going to PRETEND that Thursday 14th March is St George’s Day, just for a laugh.


We have booked the yacht club for the evening and you need to get there at 7.30 so as to sit down for a meal at 8.00pm. The food will be prepared by your Catering team and will be unashamedly ENGLISH ! There will be NO Haggis in sight nor even a leek! However if you want a leak the toilet is on the ground floor. Fine English ales will be served from the bar, some draft and some bottled. Greensleaves will be played loudly all evening just to irritate the neighbours!

After the meal there will be a talk about the origins of the English by reference to a real DNA analysis. Then we will have a tasting session of a fine spirit! Here’s a clue what it is – invented by the Dutch but nurtured and developed by the English. No, it isn’t whisky or brandy or even vodka. We will then have a 20 question quiz on English history with a prize of a bottle of spirits for the winner!

The toast before RTBI will be “ Saint George and the English!”

Then we will all go home. 


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