Annual General Meeting Report (April 2013)

017Scarborough 41 Club held its 58th AGM at the Crown Spa Hotel on Thursday, 18 April 2013.

Now the one meeting of the year that the Chairman is of actual use, is the AGM. Where, apart from giving his annual report, thanking his hard working committee, (who do all the work) and giving them all a gift of gratitude, he has to hand over the chairman’s office to the incoming chairman.

So why did our Richard Frank decide to go on a holiday that week?

Was it to avoid any embarrassing heckling from the members?

Was it that he was hoping to save the cost of the meal by apologising ?………which in the end he didn’t, as he didn’t apologise until the day before the meeting!

Or was it that he had in fact lost the plot?

Draw your own conclusions gentlemen.

However all was not lost as our illustrious, hardworking and modest secretary Mike Shingler was persuaded to stand in. (In return for a free evening meal for himself and his first wife Lesley).

The resultant meeting therefore ran smoothly and efficiently culminating in the handover to Tom Cathcart who then inducted two new members into our little club.

For those of you who were not there, they were:

Mike Rought-Brooks and Darren Kellet. Both of whose details will be included to the new directory which is being prepared my your hard working secretary.

So all in all the meeting was a great success. It’s just a pity that so many of our members did not attend and that only Gordon Hayes was properly dressed in a diner jacket.

Your anonymous reporter.

(No prizes for guessing who the anonymous reporter is !, Ed)


New Chairman, new members







Round Table guests



Henderson chops his finger off whilst asleep