Meeting Report (January 2013)

The Chairman pretends to be in charge whilst somebody snaffles his wine

The Chairman pretends to be in charge whilst somebody snaffles his wine

Costello/ Lockley productions bring you the Burns Night Report – the event having being held at Beiderbecke’s on Thursday 24/01/13

– As Burn’s Night is a traditional night and therefore more formal than usual members were told it would be a DJ event. Unfortunately TC, our Vice-Chairman, thought this meant there was going to be a ‘Disco’ and turned up in a lounge suit. Could have been worse – he could have dusted off his 70’s flares and stripey shirt – those were the days eh Tommy?

– Brian Davison – our esteemed organiser for the event – made the fundamental mistake of not turning up. To be fair, his arrangements did run like clockwork, and he did phone in to say he was trapped in Lincoln or somewhere, although he declined to give the lady’s name.

– Confusingly we were served some very tasty ‘Neeps’ and Tatties’ before the haggis was addressed – an excellent dramatic performance by guest Andy by the way, who was also played a mean set of bagpipes – and after the address we were then given a chicken dish?? The haggis did make an appearance again later in the evening though, and that’s not a euphemism (look it up Mr Secretary) for a technicolour yawn.

– Round Table fielded Tim for the traditional reading of Tam O’Shanter. Despite having to plough through about 47 verses, the boy done good, although English subtitles should have been mandatory, and indeed one or two of his fellow members did try adding some sign language.

– RT88 continues to go from strength to strength, and Jim McCann inducted two new members, who were really not humiliated enough for my taste but then I am a bit of a traditionalist. Tarring and feathering never hurt anyone in the good old days. Even hard to say if they aired from North of the Border – which would have made it a particularly appropriate night to enlist them. Jim was assisted by Wilko whose only job was to attach a badge onto the lapel of each new boy – what could go wrong?? (Quite a lot apparently although at least he missed any vital organs).

– Alex Jowett received a gold medal for enticing 7 new members into RT88 – well done that man! If Round Tables across the country all had a Mr Jowett then membership would cease to be a problem. Maybe we could send replicas of him out? On second thoughts one of the replicas might get upset at being sent away, and we really don’t want to end up with the ‘tears of a clone!!’ (Oh please yourselves – it’s not easy writing these reports). Not that the real AJ is easily moved to tears unless it’s his round of course, which is true of most of us.

– All in all a good night with good food, good company, and two more prospective 41 Club members in the frame. Well done to all involved.

Thanks to Simon Lockley (Ed)

Simon falls asleep with a pint on his lips

Simon falls asleep with a pint on his lips

Yes, Ian confirms he has really nodded off.

Yes, Ian confirms he has really nodded off.

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Round Table’s first gay marriage?


A wee chieftain o’ the puddin’ race

Richard doesn't realise that you don't wear your sporran on your head.

Richard doesn’t realise that you don’t wear your sporran on your head.

Have I told you about my hernia operation?

Have I told you about my hernia operation?


Rick emerges from the shadows

Rick emerges from the shadows




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