Meeting Report (March 2013)


Be afraid, be very afraid …

The evening got off to a good start as we were greeted by Jo, our host for the evening in the bar. My own evening started slightly late, but was particularly well timed as I caught Miker Shingler at the bar just as he was ordering a drink …thank you for the beer Mike, though the dust from your wallet did make my eyes water slightly.

Grace was said by Ed. What followed was a super meal of ample portions and very good quality.

The chef came round and asked us ‘how was the food?’ to which my table mate Ian Costello very quickly replied ..the chicken was fantastic! very good Ian, though the apple sauce and crackling should really have been the clue that this wasn’t actually chicken!

Mike Shingler then nagged our Chairman with the request for comfort break, during which Richard told us a very interesting story about the Crown Hotel having a reputation for the best ‘Muffins’ in town.

The Chairman then led us through the usual formalities of the evening and reports were presented from attending committee members:

  • Secretary Mike expressed concern re apologies. Non-apologies might be considered too high tech via the web site, possibly reflected in the evening’s low turnout which was clearly nothing to do with venue. Having said that, for anyone who has access to email and internet, the apology system really is very easy to use. Mike also requested info for the members directory. We have a potential new member – Darren Kellet will be invited to join if no objections….first job for Tom C…possibly the only thing he’ll do according to Mike!
  • Entertainments – Simon W mentioned the barbeque….potential with partners seams to have broad appeal amongst those at the meeting.
  • No Wilko or Simon Lockley, so nothing to report in those areas.
  • Stuart…nothing to report.
  • Richard Grunell flagged up 26 people going to Aalten this time, please could we do our best to sign the poster that is being taken over there by our group.

Our Chairman then introduced our speaker for the evening and reminded us (with a tear in his eye!) that this was his second to last evening as chairman. thanks to all 19 members who turned up and 10 who’s non apols ensured we enjoyed an excellent feast on a teriffic qty of food.

Jo from Sheffield International Venues then delivered a very interesting presentation on how SIV is planning to develop the Spa venue, and how it works in conjunction with other venues within the group. Exciting times ahead for the Scarborough Spa, and all to the wider benefit of our town as well.

A very pleasant evening was had by all.




Can I get out of here before I get asked to do the meeting report?



The ghosts in the machine









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