Meeting report: Quoits, 5 July 2016

Many thanks to everyone who attended the Quoits evening at Beck Hole on 5 July 2016. It was well attended with a good mix from 41 club, round table and FARTs with the weather been a perfect summers evening.

After a very close competition the winners were Richard Grunwell and Richard Frank having won 4 games and no losses. The same score was also matched by last years champions Michael Whiteley and Dave Ascough but on count back of points conceded per game the two Richards proved victorious.

I would also like to thank John Morley the chairman of the Beck hole Quoits club and all the members who assisted on the night for their time and patience and to thank Glenys the landlady of the Birch Hall pub for opening for us for beers and food.

Thank you to everyone and let’s hope to have a rematch next year.


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