November 2015 Race Night report

– Whilst 41 Club has gained some new members in recent years, it was proposed that we should raise the profile via a ‘Membership Evening’
– The immediate advice from Round Table members who had tried a similar event, was that actually badging the evening with the word ‘Membership’ was guaranteed to frighten off any invited guests
– The Membership Officer – Simon Lockley -therefore formed a committee consisting of Richard Grunwell/ Steve Slade/ Simon Ward plus Ben Kitto flying the flag for RT88 to agree a way forward. We also had guest appearances from Mike Shingler & Nigel Sheppard, and David Henderson promoted the event online
– It was decided to host some type of social event, and this was rapidly followed by the notion of making this into a Race Night to generate some funds for seriously ill children
– The Membership Officer then spent an exhausting 3 months delegating tasks to others
– The Race Night started to take shape, and by ‘D Day’ – 20 November – Yorkshire Race Nights had been booked to appear at Scarborough Rugby Club, and 110 people had booked a place
– Jenny Slade plus her friend Victoria, and Elaine Lockley kindly spent several hours decorating the room with items donated by Boyes Stores
The Event
– There were a few last minute cancellations and additions but 106 people attended, with Ian Costello parting them from their money at the door.
– Scarborough Rugby Club donated a very large room free of charge and sponsorship from local companies underpinned costs and got us off to a head start. Thanks to: Lloyd Dowson/ David Duggleby/ Brian Davidson/ Raflatac/ Moore Stephens/ Pinkney Grunwells/ Care Micro/ plus Boyes
– Alan Collins – Ambassador for Children’s Wish – drove all the way up from Coventry to explain how the organisation provided customised ‘wishes’ to brighten the lives of children undergoing treatment for cancer and other serious conditions
– Simon L & Ben Kitto kicked off the event with a brief welcome then handed over to Tyrone from Yorkshire Race Nights.
– Simon Ward & Jim Hughes manned theTote and the racing started, pausing only for some excellent pie , chips & peas at 8.30pm plus a raffle hosted by Tony Peers assisted by Samantha Lockley
– Stuart Baines was tasked with capturing a record of the event

– Steve Slade arranged for money from the various sources to be counted during the event, and he was able to step forward at about 11pm to thank people for attending and announce a provisional net joint donation from 41 Club & RT88 of £2,000
– The local press are going to be invited to a formal handover of the money to Children’s Wish, and contact details to be supplied to encourage potential new members to get in touch.

Simon Lockley

Photos by Stuart Baines

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