November 2019 meeting: Eastern Paradise Curry Evening

Meeting on 21 November 2019
This meeting is at the ever popular Eastern Paradise Indian restaurant opposite Scarborough Market. We will be having a Fixed Menu Banquet feast and we expect and hope that there will be some Tablers present.

Eastern Paradise

The Evening
We meet at 6.30pm in The Scarborough Flier pub on Saint Nicholas Street to sample one of the best (and cheapest) ranges of beers and lagers you will find anywhere in Scarborough.
At 7.15 we wobble off downhill all of 200 yards to Eastern Paradise where we eat at 7.30. Please note that we need to eat in groups of four.

The Banquet
No popadoms, instead we kick off with a mixed platter of delights from the tandoori range including eg shami kebabs. Served with raiti yoghurt.
The main course consists of 5 dishes which include favourites such as Bangladeshi fish and Butter Chicken. All served with garlic nan bread and eg mushroom rice.

Please buy your own as none is included!

As usual please post your apologies here on the Club’s website no later than 12 noon Friday 15 November if you can’t attend.

The Catering Team

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