October 2016 meeting report: Lazenby’s Restaurant Gourmet Evening

Bonjour October !

October’s meeting took the form of a visit to Lazenby’s restaurant on York Place, hosted superbly by Simon and Valerie Lazenby, where we were treated to a taste of France. The meal comprised of an excellent selection of appetisers consisting of both meat and fish dishes, almost a meal in itself.

The main course was an exceptional beef dish with pasta accompanied by Broccoli, very enjoyable.

Desert was again a medley of delights which was to die for !

The great food was accompanied by a wine tasting with fine wines provided by Peter MacLennan of Yorkshire Vintners. We were treated to five wines during the course of the evening sweets from vinyards as far apart as Germany, France, Italy and South Africa !

If you did not attend you missed out on one of the best evenings of the year which was the fine food and drink evening !


Stuart Baines, Newshound.





This wine is crackin’, Brian. Yesh it ish, Malc hic.


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