October 2019 meeting report: Bryherstones and Nigel Sheppard’s presentation

We all had enjoyed a great night at the Bryherstones hosted by Paul and Sally Shipley.

There was a good turnout of members all looking forward to fine food followed by a presentation from Nigel Sheppard, which included the impact of the Beeching Report on the train timetables in the local area. As most of us are aware, Nigel is passionate about his trains.

The meeting started early with food being served from 6.30pm, including a starter and followed by game pie with lashings of gravy and vegetables. Tom had requested that Sally made us all game pie and it was very well received. Wine was also provided on each table, so as you can imagine, we all left in a very happy state.

The presentation from Nigel provided a great insight into the problems envisaged by the local community if the trains were to cease running. The local community sent appeals to the report’s author which were not very persuasive and had little if any impact. What would have happened in those days if today’s Extinction Rebellion protestors had been operating?

The railways were however being run with significant losses and something had to be done. Following the report, the reshaping of the railways left deep scars, with towns and villages isolated and London all important.

The history of the past 50 years shows that some commentators regard Beeching as a colossal mistake with passenger numbers at the highest level ever. Beeching contributed to the UK’s geographical divide between thriving big cities and struggling smaller towns.

Without Beeching there might not have been a vote from Brexit!

Many thanks again to Tom Cathcart for organising the evening.

Stephen Slade
Scarborough 41 Club Chairman

ps Our esteemed cameraman has told us that he may have accidently deleted the shots he took on the evening. It wasn’t on porpoise.

He has sent us some substitutes for the report, seal or return.

Nice porpoises
Seal at Ravenscar

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