October Meeting – Trafalgar Night Celebration

As every schoolboy knows, the Battle of Trafalgar was fought on 21st October 1805. The Royal Navy’s 27 battleships under the command of Vice Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson defeated the numerically superior forces of the combined French and Spanish fleets. This ushered in 100 years of naval peace throughout the seven seas.


We meet from 7.pm onwards in the Golden Ball pub on Sandside which serves the best (and cheapest) beer in Scarborough, namely Sam Smiths hand pulled ale. At 7.30.pm we make our way 40 yards up the hill the Sea Cadets Hall where we will eat, drink and make merry. Supper is cream of tomato soup followed by fish pie and peas. Red wine will be served from the bar and is Included in the cost of the evening

After the meal we will have an introductory talk about the significance of Trafalgar followed by what can only be described as a superb reading of the account of a local boy who actually fought in the battle. John White has found a wonderful piece of research on a man called ROBERT MOORSOM who was born in Whitby. He was captain of the battleship REVENGE, which was armed with 74 guns. He was badly injured during the battle but survived and was later promoted to the rank of Admiral. This reading should not be missed by anyone with any interest in the history of the British Isles.


At the conclusion of the reading the Chairman will propose a (rum) toast to LORD NELSON in accordance with the 213 year old tradition of the Royal Navy

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