Quoits Night

Many thanks to everyone who attended the Quoits evening laid on by the Beck Hole Quoits club 0n July 2nd

The weather was perfect and a good night was  had by all.   Everybody had 5 games each over the 2 hours.   Nobody got injured and luckily no damage was caused to any parked cars.   The lucky winners this year were Eddie and myself  destroying all the competition.  However to my advantage Eddie is the Quoits team captain and plays three times a week so I can’t really  claim the victory.   So the first prize went to Dave and Mike  (as usual) and a close second to Dom and Martin.

Many thanks to the Quoits team for hosting the event and to Glenys at the Birch Hall Inn for supplying the Ale and food. – Darren

Apres Quoits – The Birch Hall Pub

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