Quoits – the challenge: 5 August 2014

quoits_beck_holeAt the Round Table AGM last April, a challenge was laid down between our two clubs to a game of Quoits.

A scouting mission ably led by Richard Grunwell, Stephen Slade, Mike Shingler and your chairman led us to Beck Hole (near Goathland) which we decided was the best place to stage this important event (several other hostelries were sampled for balance).

The event has taken on greater significance since we are to be joined on the evening by a team from Fellowship After Round Table (the old ones).

The evening begins at 6.30 proper but if you can get there earlier all to the good. Remember it will take you about 30-40 minutes from Scalby.


The cost will be a donation to Beck Hole Quoits Club of £5 per person. Plus your grub will be available in the shape of pies and sarnies at the pub about 20m along the road.They have their own cracking ale so bring plenty of beer pocket money.

If the weather is anything like our evening visit, it will be great.

There will be proper tuition from Beck Hole Quoits Club members if you haven’t played before.

We need to know numbers so this is an opt-in event. Please let me know at the latest by Friday, 1 August using the form below or by email. If you opt-in, we will need you to pay at least the £5 because the pub will order the food.

Hope to see you there.

Chairman, Scarborough 41 Club

Image and map courtesy Beck Hole info.





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