Report on the February 2016 Chinese Meal 41 Club Meeting

The February meeting was held at the Kam Sang Chinese Restaurant on North Marine Road.

A pint in “Indigo Alley” was a good starting point, where I enjoyed a nice pint of Indigo Bitter (worth a try!). Sadly, I missed the ritual of the emergence of the moths when our glorious Secretary opened his wallet to buy the drinks……..allegedly.

The tables for our meal were spread out in the centre of the restaurant, resulting in a number tables with three persons and upwards. The restaurant was quite busy and people seemed to be coming and going all the time.

A three-course meal was provided, comprising the starter (Prawn Toast, Crab Meat, Spare Ribs and Seaweed), a second course of Crispy Duck, Hoisin Sauce, Cucumber and Lettuce and, finally, a number of typical Chinese dishes with Boiled Rice. The quality of the food was good and, perhaps, the quantity was more than was necessary. It was a shame to see a lot of food wasted because people were replete. The service was slow but that is good for the digestion!

There was no speaker for the meeting and there was no business other than Simon advising that the next meeting would be held on Thursday 10th March at Jeremy’s and will be a wine-tasting evening (I suggest that you double-check the booking, Simon!).

A good evening was had by all and the food had been very enjoyable. A good evening of fellowship!

Richard Coulson

Thanks Richard !

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